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Rules for emulators have been changed. Apologies for not specifying these in the past. Leaderboards have been adjusted to reflect the changes.

Emulator Rules:
-Bizhawk with mGBA core is the preferred emulator, regular mGBA is also allowed but less recommended.
-Any other emulator will not be accepted for the leaderboards
-the full emulator window should be shown at some point in the video, including which core being used for bizhawk.
-Frame counter must be playing during the video to ensure no video is being played back.


Did this nuke the Any% board? Was there a reason not to grandfather in the runs? Came in to check on Phase 2 options only to find nothing there.


ummmm lol I dont see my run either, even tho it was played on Wii U VC. Not sure what happened there will get it straightened out, but yes the old any% runs were unfortunately taken off, just in an effort to make the boards more consistent with rules that, yea in all honesty should have been decided quite a while ago.
If you want to see the XeroKynos' 3:17 Magician Any% run you still can -->