Magician any % guide?
2 years ago
Minnesota, USA

I just beat this game for the first time this week and found the magician any % speedrun and thought that looks like a relatively easy one to start with, but there are no guides listed here nor on Youtube, and I can't seem to get the timing down on activating the dss and jumping to clip into the wall, and the two times I was able to pull it off I fell into the floor and softlocked, so can somebody please explain the tricks in it?

Nova Scotia, Canada

You can find details on the warps in the Any% guide. It's titled Any% but if you open the actual doc it's for Magician Any%. The key point is just your horizontal position when doing the warps to ensure you end up in the right spot. You only have to jump for the first DSS activation, the rest are done from standing. It's also frame perfect so it does take some practice to find consistency.