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Hey guys, I'm new to speedrunning but in can't seem to find any resources on what GBA emulator to use. I've read VBA, but it's desperately outdated and I've read VBA-M isn't allowed.


In this community we aren’t super strict, but most people use VBA, myself included.


Rules for emulators have been changed. Apologies for not specifying these in the past. Leaderboards have been adjusted to reflect the changes.

Emulator Rules:
-Bizhawk with mGBA core is the preferred emulator, regular mGBA is also allowed but less recommended.
-Any other emulator will not be accepted for the leaderboards
-the full emulator window should be shown at some point in the video, including which core being used for bizhawk.
-Frame counter must be playing during the video to ensure no video is being played back.