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I've been playing Cat Bird for 1 week and have just surpassed 24 hours of in app time, according to the Main Menu Stats Screen. I'm curious to see some of the stats from some of the more Veteran players of this game.

I just ran a 6:00 on Marda (All Crowns) NMG and found after upload to YouTube it has no audio so not sure if I can submit it, but you can take a look here -

My Stats:
Total Deaths: 1603
Total Jumps: 37899
Playtime: 25 hours 50 mins

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That is actually a very good idea, posting stats here instead of discord because then you don't have to scroll so far up to see previous stats.

That being said, I am currently the WR Holder for 4/8 main category full world runs, and the 100% category. My current stats are as follows:

Total Deaths: 14948
Total Jumps: 300298
Playtime: 174 hours 16 minutes 19 seconds

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Deaths: 6545
Jumps: 137445
Playtime: 77 hours 29 minutes

And i also think that this is a cool idea. Btw i have no WR runs, but i am in top 5 in everything i have run.

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Stats of my main emu account:
33 deaths
2053 jumps
1:26 playtime

surely not because the game deleted all my saves for a while, I estimate I have about 160 emu hours in reality

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