List of Levels with Crowns (for All Crowns)
6 years ago
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Marda (8 total): I. Hello World III. Magic Key V. Buzzcut VI. Up and Down VII. Saw Face IX. The Plummet X. Upward XIV. Longway

Grasi (6 total): II. Cannon Fodder V. The Ambush VII. Crate Race IX. Blocks of Doom XI. Spike Bite XIII. The Mechanism

Winda (6 total): III. Fissure IV. Thin Line V. Tough Luck VI. Bumper VIII. Rounded XI. Crush Cage

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Zipsa (10 total): I. The Room II. Telejump III. Block Warp IV. Portal Sections VII. Hard Wire IX. Down Box XI. Bullet Point XII.Up Wind XIII. Right Left XIV. Symmetry

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Illinois, USA

I've also created a guide here:

If and when we get new levels with new crowns I'll keep that updated as well.

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