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Just wait
It can take some time to be verified. Usually it is fast, but if depend on moderators' time.

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If you read et me sages after clicking on « submit » you would see « runs take usually 1-2 weeks to be verified ». Moderators are not bots, and don’t chase for new runs awaiting to be validated.


Hey @nyoshinyoshi! Thanks for submitting a run 🙂
On, it is normal for it to take up to 2 weeks for a moderator to verify your run. The mods all have lives outside of speedrunning, and this is something we do in our free time. Please be patient -- it will be verified soon.

For better communication with mods and the Cat Bird runners, I recommend you join the Cat Bird Discord located in the sidebar. We'd love to have you!

Edit: I noticed you use a timer in your runs. Timer is not required for runs, as we use https:/​/​github.​com/​Slush0Puppy/​retime to retime -- so you can leave it out if you'd like! For full world runs, you should use the in game timer.