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I'm sorry I haven't been active in the Cat Bird community. I know i've just submitted a run but its been a while since i've looked on the page .I speedrun other games but don't have video of those games unfortunately. When I submitted my first run to (which was a cat bird speedrun) I was excited to see a lot of nice people and that's still true, but I don't like being inactive. It's something I feel bad about and I just think this community is amazing. I'm so sorry.
From nyoshi10.

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It's completely ok dude. Everyone has other stuff to do and can't be active all the time and that's ok.

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I mean. I'm pretty inactive too, but dude. You're fine. Like, life comes first. And trust me, I think everyone here would enjoy it too if you came here while your life can allow you to instead of you feeling sorry because you're busy.

Really, it's fine. ^^ The cat bird won't fly away before you come back.