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On Samsung S7, I use the native recording app and sometimes DU Recorder to record my games. Each has its perks. For the timer, I use a simple app called floating timer. It can get in the way of your playing, so make sure its in a good spot before you start recording.

On Amazon Kindle, I use SmartPixel to record, upload to Facebook, download, and add a timer in a video editing software called ShotCut. I'm not sure if this specific game is on that device, though.

If you have a different way of recording and timing, please share!


Vysor for video,
regular headphone jack to soundcard for audio.

then rest like usual via obs

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I see that Vysor allows for the use of mouse and keyboard with your device. Would this invalidate the run? Are controllers allowed on mobile runs?


Interesting -- I've never gotten that question before in any of the mobile games I mod. Do you have pros and cons for allowing it?

I would hesitate to allow it before this game gets released on PC. When that happens, keyboard and mouse will most likely be a valid input. The real question is: Does it give players an advantage in the run? If so, we could ban it altogether or create a separate category for it. Try it out and let me know if you see differences in gameplay!


Only "Pro" I can see would be that you can see your whole screen without the fingers in the way.

not really much to exploit, as it's just 3 buttons,
your fingers don't start being faster just because you're using a different way of pressing these buttons^^


Not so sure, HDK! Current gameplay uses both right and left hand. If you map directional control to your arrow keys, you can eliminate usage of your non-dominant hand and possibly get faster reaction times 😃


I was mostly just thinking about the fact that I'm much more precise and comfortable using a keyboard than I am using touch buttons on a phone screen. It's much easier for me to know exactly when to press a physical key down to get a quick response than trying to do the same on a touch screen where it may actually register a press before I touch the screen at all.


Go ahead and try it -- let me know in your submission if you used it or not 🙂


hi! i was thinking of running this game and it's nice that there are others who are interested in it.

i have a similar question about input methods - i was thinking of using a gamepad-to-touchscreen input mapper (which requires root) to use a controller instead of touch. i do think that helps out, just due to having physical buttons instead of a flat surface with no response. what are your thoughts on that? i would have been inclined to allow alternate input methods (maybe with an added leaderboard column to disclose what's being used), but maybe that's just for my own personal gain. now i know that there are others interested, what are your thoughts on it? i'm able to use regular touch input if it's decided that other input methods are banned, although i do think it would be nice to have physical buttons to press. knowing that that's not natively supported by the game is what makes me hesitate.

i also have some root software that allows me to stream my phone's screen to OBS, so i'd be using that with LiveSplit as if running on any other platform. i assume that would be allowed?

thanks. 🙂

edit: btw, how about a discord for this game? i can get that set up. i know it's a small community, but i feel like it's easier than the SRC forums.

edit 2: this is what i use to stream my phone to OBS: (root only required for audio)

this is what i use to map inputs to a controller:

i have left, right and jump set up on the dpad/left stick and A, as well as start to pause and select to press level 1 to start a run. obviously i feel that autofire/double-mapping that gives extra features ought to be banned, but other than that, the only upside to this is having physical buttons. i think it helps my gameplay a bit; noticably, although not a massive improvement. can still play the game just fine with raw touch.


@cleverpidgeon That OBS app looks good to me. Tell me more about autofire and double mapping -- what do they do exactly?
Discord -- sure, I'll create one over the weekend and will also make you a Discord mod.

@jocloud31 and @HowDenKing -- saw you talking about recording this game on the speedrun Discord. If you still have concerns, come to me. I want you to speedrun the game and record it correctly -- however, the process of recording and publishing videos should also be made really easy for you. @jocloud31, I saw you talking about root and editing videos -- you shouldn't need either depending on what type of phone you have. Do you need help finding a better recording app? Also, how is floating timer working for you?

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thank you! that would be great. autofire would be like turbo - holding down a button would behave like mashing it - and double mapping is either putting more than one action on one button or putting one action on more than one button (so having jump mapped to two face buttons, for example). neither seem too useful in this game because its controls are so simple, but if other input methods are allowed i still feel they should be banned.


Autofire should be regarded as a default ban -- I haven't seen any speedrun communities that would allow that.
Double mapping, hmm. There's probably some way this could be exploited. Regardless, if we ban them, how do we moderate that? This is why I'm hesitating on alternative input methods. It is very hard to track if someone is exploiting the system or giving themself an unfair advantage.

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Floating Timer is good. I'll probably be using that for additional runs as well now.

I currently have a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 that is falling apart. On-device audio recording appears to be exclusive to the Samsung game launcher for devices that are not rooted. All other Android devices record game audio by "listening" with the device's microphone to what's playing through the speakers.

The concern is mainly that for anyone with a phone like mine (Verizon has this phone so locked down that root isn't even possible on it), the audio quality is going to be pretty terrible.

I do plan on getting a new phone soon, at which point this will no longer be an issue for me, but it's worth mentioning in general. The game is also supposedly getting a steam release soon, which would nullify most concerns here.

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is there anywhere i can find news of this game coming to steam soon? i've seen the dev teasing a new world on Twitter, but nothing about a PC release. that would solve a ton of issues with recording/timer/input method.

i understand hesitating on alternate input methods, i felt the same before i found out this game was added to SRC. don't know how easy it would be to verify whether someone has used one, though - with my setup, controller gameplay vs. touchscreen gameplay looks exactly the same.


@jocloud31, I currently record through my phone's microphone, no root needed. The only bad part is when I accidentally cover my phone's speaker. Otherwise, I think it records sound pretty well.

@cleverpidgeon let's just follow his Twitter and see if he says anything:
Good point about input methods -- again, feel free to try it for your first runs.

Discord is ready, let's continue conversations here:


I’m on IOS, can I use the built in screen recording function on my phone to record?