may be create new category NG+
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may be create new category NG+

rule End all level use any bild

Maryland, USA

by NG+ you mean starting with everything already leveled, correct?

Ohio, USA

That sounds pretty fun, I'm for it

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

I don't care to much for that category. However, I say: If you want to play it, add it to the board! Just talked to Bingchang about this, he was a little concerned that you could not have all the levels uncompleted when starting the run. Luckily, the Caster savefiles are just plain text and therefore easy to edit. I edited a savefile to have no level completed, but every spell learned and every stat maxed out. You can find that in the "Ressources" section:)

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Maryland, USA

Alright, sorry guys. Been away for a bit, I'll setup the NG+ category and I'll also setup a discord for Caster since that's the thing to do these days.

Maryland, USA

Did 2 test runs and SoB is 13:21, had a run on pace for 14:45 or so and got trolled by the flyers in cold descent

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