Harmful Rule Change
2 years ago
California, USA

Just had a Milton Drive AWD run that was previously validated nuked. Reason was, "Rejected: exceeded track limits: a rule change has occurred and players now have to keep at least 1 wheel in between the white lines that draw the track limits." If that's really how that rule is planning to be enforced there's gonna be another purge of times. I can really only speak for the Milton Drive times. I know the basic line on that map goes slightly wide because there's extra pavement you can use without going off road, but its outside the lines. Essentially nuking the entirety of the AWD and RWD runs, from the top to the bottom. Would love Admins/Runners thoughts about impact for other maps, and hopefully get this change reversed before too much damage is done.

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Pays de la Loire, France

the rules have changed yesterday, we are aware of the situation and the consequences, the decision has been made in order to have a solid basis for the community and leaderboard to be built on, where no one would question why certain cuts are allowed but others not.

i agree it is detrimental for the current leaderboard but running a new track should be more encouraging now that the top spots aren't occupied by monster truck cars, respawn cuts and all.

but when you apply a set of rules it has to apply everywhere or else having a run validated wouldn't have true meaning.

point is: we switched from speedrunning to a cleaner time-attack focus where cars look right, drive right, and stick to what an actual IRL rulebook would be.

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California, USA

Then go all in and make a new category. Now that I'm looking at other maps runs, MOST if not all have some point that goes outside the lines. Your reasoning of wanting more "realism" doesn't account for tracks with large, paved areas alongside the lines. That are obviously meant for use as they don't apply penalties to your times like dropping a wheel on grass or sand, which is inarguably off track, and penalized accordingly. This is a massacre of this games leaderboards and is going to lead to a lot more dead/rejected runs

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California, USA

Also, "but when you apply a set of rules it has to apply everywhere or else having a run validated wouldn't have true meaning."? Then delete your RWD Milton Drive run, and the WR for RWD. Then while you're at it you can wipe the 1st and 2nd place AWD runs on Milton as well. All I see is an unnecessary, overly restrictive change coming to wipe the leaderboard.

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As much as I love clean racing, enforcing for first person players is going to be hell. IMO the best solution would have been to reject runs with any t track limits penalty... But will have to see how this turns out I guess; better than whatever corner cutting was going on at San palezzo


Also Le_Tatus you have quite a few runs that violate these track limits, kindly have those rejected


At San Palezzo, it's certainly nice to have that super asphalted cut excluded from runs tbh (although that's just my opinion). But there are some other weird cases. For example, look at the curbs at Red Ring. They have like a white stripped gap between the white line and the curbs, Making it almost impossible to take the curb cause your four wheels would get outside the white line in doing so. And, at least for me, it's veeeery annoying to not be able to take curbs ._.

For me the more logical rule would be just no penalties, and maybe some special rules for individual tracks, like "don't take that path there". I don't think there's a way to do a single rule for every track, cause every track is different, and what might fix one, may break another one.

This should have been discussed waaay more before doing anything. And it should still be seriously discussed in order to get a proper solution for the cut problem. If not, this is undoubtedly gonna be a disaster.

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Metagross raises an important point, which is that it should have been discussed.

While I dislike the rule I understand why it was put into place, but what pisses me off about it is that there was

  1. no proper discussion about it

  2. no vote about whether it should be put into place

  3. no time to react to changes (eg "hey, we have decided on this new rule, it'll be taken into effect in 1 month, please re-run all your runs in a clean way"). That way the leaderboard wouldn't look as dead/empty as it does now. And it would save on a lot of fucking disappointment when you give your absolute best, just to have it removed like this ([insert finger snapping], without you having any say about it whatsoever.

Just my 2 cents.


as frustrating as it is and i agree with the above comments about it being a little extreme and not as thought out as it seems, im just glad that at least it gives me a reason to go back and redo some of the tracks but yeah little frustrating none the less


new update rolls out, we make a new leaderboard

rule change, we wipe all runs


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Updates are updates, rules are rules, When the physics of the game change you need to wipe ALL of the runs, so you just make a new category, But with rules, most of the runs remained (which were legit)


You do not have to wipe all of the runs, you can document them via a "version" filter which is a lot easier to manage than adding a new category every few months when the handling changes significantly.

If we wipe all runs from this current catagory, a lot of people will be very pissed.

Pays de la Loire, France

thread is outdated, the harmful rule change has been reverted sort of working on re-validating runs that were rejected because of it.

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