All Episodes/4 Episodes category?
2 months ago
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi! So recently I had an idea to maybe create an "All Episodes" category where you would need to do all of the Episodes categories in one sitting (Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4), it gives you a total of 50 Levels to do.

During the run, if you lose all of your lives, you could use the clock system to make the time pass faster and then recover all of your lives during the run, without needing to worry wth losing the run because of that.

Btw, idk if "All 4 Episodes" or "50 Levels" would be a better name for the category but that's something to point out and also, split the category between Boosters and Boosterless like the whole Full Game leaderboard

Anyways, sorry for the bad english and thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have planned to open a similar category, eventually, after I've updated the ruleset to reflect the current version of the game. Though ideally, it would go from lv. 1 to lv. 65.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alright! Thanks for the answer! Looking forward for that! If it gets added, I'll surely run it!

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