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South Australia, Australia

So I want to run this game, but want to do so through an emulator. Is that ok?

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since nobody plays this game I don't see why not, but if you have WR aspirations i would highly suggest transitioning to original console at some point first

Victoria, Australia

If you want emulation that's on accuracy use the BSNES or Higan Emulator.

If you want a recommendation.

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Sorry if i'm reviving an old thread but I just wanted to say that the above post is great advice. I've been trying to put a run together for this game for a while now on EMU and I had some early problems. Basically I was using snes9x and it just wasn't accurate enough. FPS etc was perfect, however I was losing over 2 sec per section due to accuracy problems! I switched to BSNES and the timings are now accurate. I've used emulators for a long time but I never understood the importance of accuracy until I started to attempt speedruns.

Argyll, Scotland

Seeing as this game was released on the Sega as well, would it be okay to: (a) run the game on the Sega and (b) use Kega Fusion or another appropriate emulator?

Essex, England

I can't comment on this particular record (i'm sure @Grav will), however most records that allow EMU only allow particular emulators. Genesis Plus GX (GPGX) is recommended / permitted for most Genesis records that allow EMU due to its high accuracy. I'd highly recommend you try it if you are looking at runs for multiple genesis games :)

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South Australia, Australia
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