Final Bubble Bobble submitted runs - TAS?
2 years ago
Berlin, Germany

Hello everybody,

I checked the Final Bubble Bobble run for the Master System since i was learning it and to be honest that looks so hardcore as a TAS. I dont think a human can move and act like he did. I only watched the Bad Ending run so far. Can some mods for example Bubble Bobble NES maybe check if I am right? I also dont know if the runs have to be taken out, I will submit soon my runs to the leaderboards.

Glad for everyones help since I dont like if there is one player (Mod) and he just submits a TAS as RTA run

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Hey, I've watched the full run and I can't say I see anything too crazy going on that would lead me to believe the run is not RTA. To me it looks like the runner has a good feel for the game and experience in how the enemies behave and how the hitboxes work. I'd also say that the run looks quite unoptimized (certainly if you compare to the NES run) with lots of waiting that's probably not necessary.

Furthermore, the run was streamed live on the ESAMarathon channel:

Berlin, Germany

Ok, i will accept that. For me it was just very suspicious that there was no timer for that run and that only game feed is shown, but since it was streamed over ESA it makes sense now that there was no timer. Also that there had been only 2 runs in 5 months apart, no runs between and a 9 minute difference then out of nowhere.

Just wanted to be sure since it looked very suspicious for me. Would have also helped to see his inputs but I think I will check the whole VOD to see how he commentates over the run to explain his execution.

Thanks for checking the run :)

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Berlin, Germany

Since someone who knows the Bubble Bobble Game and still hates me talking about this run is being a TAS and not an RTA I will now again apologize in this forum for calling this video of Final Bubble Bobble as a TAS. The player is doing a RTA means he has a legit run and i really apologize that i thought it was a TAS and not played from a real player so the person still blaming me can hopefully accept my apologize.

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