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I would like for anyone that can find any good category ideas in game to please suggest them ind i may make them a thing


Fastest X tower ie temple, glue storm, etc
fastest 1 Million dollars?
Fastest 10 Million dollars
fastest max level hero


Starting from a blank account and fastest rank to a certain level


Fastest CHIMPS

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fastest time to place all the towers

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Fastest for a certain tower like for example temple or perma-spike

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Fastest time to get all medals on a map or just for a certain difficulty

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Here is how to include all categories:

First, keep the level leaderboards being each map as is.
Second, instead of making it solo or co-op, make a sub option menu to choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 players.
Third, make a sub option menu for choosing within the categories whether it is primary only, military only, half cash, chimps, etc.
Finally, make a full game leaderboard that includes all of the ideas above in this forum. Or just make a category extensions thing for it.

PS: I don't know how the sub option menu works because I am not a moderator in any game, but there might be a problem with what I said where when you choose the medium runs for a map, it would show all of the sub modes like primary only and half cash, even though those aren't in medium difficulty. If this does happen, you could just make the initial menus within the levels include all of the sub modes, so that it would not only say just easy, medium hard, and impoppable, but it would say easy, primary only, deflation, medium, apopalyse, etc.


its a good idea to have more category but the more extreme the map is the less run there are... MM have like 60 player and some lower (even on easy) have like 1-7 player only which is already low and times are not even optimized at all (meme strat can have a world record....) and some maps on impop there are like already no runners... so maybe more category is not the best ? but it could aswell because it give more variety but will runners even care about those ? i whould but does everyone else ?


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it could just be a category extension of this game to add all of the other modes


Im really missing fastest chimps! It’s like importable is not to hard because you can farm but in CHIMPS it’s way harder and takes way more planing and a better execution.


I think there should be a category for "beating all beginner levels on X difficulty" and all that