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This has probably been suggested before, but I think that a category should be created for completing CHIMPS with only two towers in the fastest time. I'm sure some of the community are aware of this being both a well-tracked challenge and also an achievement in-game.

It could be separated by map, or difficulty, or just kept in one category. I think this is a good idea because it changes playing technique drastically - it is very unlikely that you will be able to simply place both towers near the start and still succeed, so it brings a new skill to the game - placing towers accurately and making sure, especially in the earlygame, that bloons do not leak through a large portion of the map by having careful ability timing or changing targeting.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys think of this idea and I hope it gets added soon!


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I think it would be pretty cool! If we did add it I think it should be either separated by difficulty or one category, as doing it for each map would make even more categories (which we have a lot of, and some still don't even have any runs submitted.) It would definitely be something different than what we currently have which could be a nice change of pace, not just being solely focused on speed but having to play with other things in mind as well. Especially because there are different combos and strats you could come up with, it would be extremely neat to see what people use when 2tc is more geared towards being beat as fast as possible.

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I agree with that, I suppose you could use a drop-down menu in the category extensions section as opposed to adding more IL categories to the main game

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  noneleftnoneleft needs to give me the power to make extensions. Probably need to make a ticket or something.

Also that reminds me... Need to ask them to clean up our front page. Forgot about that


to request a cat ext just ask through modhub if bloons series mods cant do it for you


If people want this, can someone do a run of it and post the video. We need to show the people that it it exists or something like that

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Alright, I'll deal with that and post it in discord.
There's lots of runs with videos on the index as well:


I completely forgot about this to be honest, but I've finally got a run done, it's not great but it works (19:50), I did in ce because I didn't wanna reset from r6 every time I made a mistake, hope that's still OK:

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