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there can be 5 categories
unlock engineer monkey it's sub categories can be
where you complete the engie rescue mission and build 1 house for it
Flash Version (is on Ninja kiwi archives next to flash td 5)
how you unlock the engie is different in the flash version you will need to get your first city to level 15 to unlock your second city then get the 2nd city to level 5 and build a house for it in ether city

the next 3 towers aren't on the flash version that being the helicopter, bloon chipper and Monkey Sub the rules are the steam/mobile engie but with the helicopter, sub and bloon chipper

last is a run where you unlock the steam/mobile engie, sub, bloon chipper, and helicopter all in one run
can be done in any order
must build 1 of each house

for all runs timing starts when you place your first dart monkey in the tutorial and ends wen you met the requirements for the run you are running
all runs need videos

for Steam run you can't use any of the WeMod hacks that being
unlimited defenders where you never run out of towers
unlimited harts wen used the game sets your Lives to 99 no madder how many Lives you have
and lastly
Mega Money Rewards it make all towers sell for 1,000$ and all pops worth 1,000$
all runs using any of the HACKS we be rejected 100% of the time


you need to request that to as game request and add it to bloons series


you would have to take that up with Bloons series mods or request it yourself


hope it goes well sounds like a good idea!

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