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This only works for the Steam version.

You'll need to download around 7460MB, so allow some time if you have a bad internet connection.

1.03 is the best patch for Miriam speedruns. (1.30 is still fine for NMG categories appart from a few things).


1. Turn off Steam Cloud for Bloodstained. To do that, right click the game on Steam --> Properties --> Uncheck "Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud" (Very 1st tab). This can avoid Steam replacing your save files and ruining everything.

2. Turn off auto updates when lauching the game. To do that, right click the game on Steam --> Properties --> Updates. You need "Always keep this game updated" on and NOT "Only update this game when I launch it".

3. Click here and download SteamDepotDownpatcher.exe (latest release).

4. (Have Steam opened if it's not already the case.) Run SteamDepotDownpatcher.exe and close the window when it's done.

5. Press Windows key+R to open the run command, and type in: steam://nav/console

6. Type this into the Steam console: For 1.03: download_depot 692850 692852 5473639789110894405 (See below for other patch versions)

7. It will download all the game files (around 7460 MB).

8. After it's finished the console will tell you where the game files were downloaded. They should be in: \Steam\steamapps\content\app_692850\depot_692852 Open the depot_692852 folder and you'll see 2 folders (BloodstainedRotN and Engine) and BloodstainedRotN.exe That's the old patch version of the game you've just downloaded. I advise you to put them somewhere on your pc so that you remember what they are. And, in case Steam might have the idea to patch the game again (it will certainly do so if a new patch comes out), you don't have to download them everytime.

9. Open your Bloodstained game folder (If you don't know where it's installed you can right click the game on Steam --> Properties --> Local Files --> Browse) It's composed of 2 folders (BloodstainedRotN and Engine) and BloodstainedRotN.exe That's the current patch version of the game. You can either delete them, or move them somewhere else on your pc if you want to switch back and forth between the old patch version and the current one. Either way, your Bloodstained game folder should be empty now.

10. Copy the old patch (the ones in the depot_692852 folder) and put them in the Bloodstained game folder.

11. Only for 1.03: To avoid the game from crashing when you launch it, you need to delete a file named System_Slot.sav . This file is located in : "C:\Users(User)\AppData\Local\BloodstainedRotN\Saved\SaveGames**System_Slot.sav**" (You'll need to show hidden folders on Windows or type %appdata% in your Windows search bar to be able to see the folder). That's the file that store all your graphical/sound/inputs settings. For some reason, it's incompatible between old versions of the game and newer ones. By deleting it, the game creates a new one itself that is compatible with your version of the game. You can keep one System_Slot.sav for 1.03 somewhere on your pc and another one for the current patch if you want to switch back and forth between versions and don't feel like doing your settings everytime. You DON'T HAVE TO DELETE YOUR SAVEFILES (Story_Slot0.sav , Story_Slot1.sav etc). Save files are compatible with any version.

12. Enjoy the old patch.

13. If the extra modes are not visible (Speedrun mode typically), create a new save (in-game) named "NIGHTMARE" (or just beat Bael again with one of your savefile), it should unlock everything. (Boss rush / Classic / Rando are not present in 1.03)

You can always ask questions on the discord server if you are having trouble.

Current Versions: 1.02: download_depot 692850 692852 831085180957722547 1.03: download_depot 692850 692852 5473639789110894405 1.04: download_depot 692850 692852 5536599097431670093 1.10: download_depot 692850 692852 2901588271365391967 1.15 (unsupported in autosplitter): download_depot 692850 692852 4808078947208137082 1.16: download_depot 692850 692852 8214150842770874968 1.17: download_depot 692850 692852 5125674747939340152 1.18 (unsupported in autosplitter): download_depot 692850 692852 1900873379358661077 1.19: download_depot 692850 692852 421803663953600514 1.20 (unsupported in autosplitter): download_depot 692850 692852 8942992650388944033 1.21 (unsupported in autosplitter): download_depot 692850 692852 2303906583941767202 download_depot 692850 692852 9177496552393559698 1.30 (current patch): download_depot 692850 692852 9056326629251774798

Version history: 1.02: Release patch 1.03: Basically identical to 1.02. Most suitable patch for Miriam's speedruns 1.04: Balance patch. Flame Canon nerf. Bloodless quick kill patched. 1.10: Zangetsu DLC release patch notes 1.15: Boss revenge release patch notes 1.16: Bug fixes patch notes 1.17: More bug fixes patch notes 1.18: Bloodless release patch notes 1.19: Bug fixes patch notes 1.20: Classic mode / Kingdom crossover patch notes 1.21: Classic mode bug fixes patch notes Windows7/8 bug fixes patch notes 1.30: Aurora release patch notes

Original Thread by Laxxus, CE stuff explained by CptBrian

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