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New update just released today for PC. Big changes are performance, lag, and loading optimizations. "Added dedicated keyboard input for Dashing instead of it only ever being Double Tap Direction" which should be very helpful for keyboard runners. They seem to have fixed most of the issues introduced in the last update (especially with Broden).

Of concern was "Fixed zipline traversal issues" and "Fixes to various boss AI logic bugs" which made me worry they patched some glitches but testing out the levels that sounded most likely to be changed I haven't seen many issues, though I haven't done a full run yet.

One change that impacts speedruns: hitting 'space' to damage Sky Fortress has been patched, so you'll have to beat that boss normally.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my autosplitter working with the new version. Given the difficulty of maintaining this and the difficulty using these autosplitters is causing for new runners, I would recommend that we go back to using real time as the primary timing method.


A new update with new content is planned. I guess there are gonna be some fixing updates in the meantime and after that. I don't plan to speedrun the game again until the update comes out, and it looks like nobody plans to too.
What I would do is to wait for the next "real" update and then starting the speedrun all over again.

Next update recap :


If a new big update is coming, I think I return on the speedrun at this moment


i recently did a full run and the alien clip doesn't seem to work anymore


What Alien clip are you talking about ? The first acid worm ? Humongo crawler (I never beat him normally, even the first time I played) ? Maybe heart of hive ?