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5 years ago
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hello everyone,

sorry for my long absence I was away from home for a while.

I am in the progress of setting up the Discord server for the community. Furthermore I have added argusdusty as a moderator to help with verification and rule updates a bit.

See you on the Discord soon.


Good to hear that. I have been absent from the game myself the last few weeks. I am now really looking forward to running this game again.

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Discord server is now up. Linked on the sidebar.

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Broforce Forever Leaderboard Relaunch

Hello Bros,

it took a little while longer than some of you may have expected but now the time has come.

All categories have been reopened and the old ones are now soft archived under the little arrow button on the leaderboard overview. Feel free to grind out your times again.

Since it was menti

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