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Is it possible to add the real new game plus category for this game? There is the concept use the new game plus in mid-game though, but since this is part of the story, you are going to have to complete the full game to unlock the true new game plus option. There is actually no difference between the new game plus during the game and the new game plus after the game. The only thing to avoid in the first option is to enable the SP when battling the Kaizer. But it's better to use the new game plus after the game completion.

Now, when you select the true new game plus option, you have the choice to jump to any chapter in the game. However, to accept runs under this category, I suggest we void this idea and start from the very beginning, otherwise it wouldn't be considered as a full-game run. Another thing about the rules is the timing start which I have two possibilities in mind: start the timer right when confirming the "Are you certain?" prompt, or right after the save is created. The first choice would be more accurate for the timer and (I think) it is common for speedruns. The second choice is less accurate, but the run would start at the frame where the game really begins. It is still a possibility, but I guess most people will go for the first choice.

To resume this post:

  • You must complete the game in order to get the real new game plus.
  • The run must begin at the Prologue.
  • The timer starts after the "Are you certain?" prompt.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post in the thread!

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After I've played the new game plus, after completing Chapter 4, usually you click the new option, save a new file, the prologue starts, and you press START when you have controls of Yew. However playing in the true NG+ does not behave like the NG+ as if you were playing the game for the first time.

In order to continue your run, press the NG+ button and choose Chapter 5 instead of Prologue. You'll go through those windows as always. I didn't expect this to happen, but I think it's the only way to continue if you make a run for the Any% NG+ category.

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Alberta, Canada

What job were you thinking of using? I figured Monk might be best like last game but I had a few ideas of stuff that could be faster (not tested yet though)


I was thinking of using the Monk too, as you get the Naturel Talent ability at level 10. For the sub-job, Piracy could be good due to Double Damage.

I also want to try new jobs, but for now, Monk has the highest attack with Naturel Talent.

Victoria, Australia

I've been thinking of using a Pirate / Feelancer team based around Amped Strike and Mimic. Here's my full team setup:

1× Kaiser / Pirate

  • Natural Talent
  • Knuckle Lore
  • P.Attack 20% Up
  • Speed 20% Up Nothing equipped

3× Pirate / Freelancer

  • Natural Talent
  • Knuckle Lore
  • P.Attack 20% Up
  • Barrage (unnecessary but I couldn't think of anything else to put here) Nothing equipped

There are a few reasons I have 1 person as a Kaiser instead of all 4 having the same setup:

  1. Kaiser has the 2nd highest STR, tied with Charioteer, Monk, and Dark Knight. Only beaten by Pirate.
  2. Kaiser is faster than Pirate, and with Speed 20% Up, will always outspeed everyone else (at least, with my testing).
  3. The innate ability that comes with being a Kaiser, Cerberus, means all MP used will be restored at the end of each battle. This means there won't have to be any stops to heal.

The basic plan is simple. With the Kaiser you use Amped Strike ×4, while with everyone else you use Mimic ×4. This means 16 Amped Strikes without using any MP

Thoughts on this setup?

Also what difficulty should we plan on? I was just playing on Normal previously but Casual would be a bit simpler


Seeing the discussion and seeing people do runs here i'm wondering a couple things, and figured i should say something before people grind out runs with potentially unideal setups:

  1. Assuming you haven't farmed buns (see below), have you considered just using Shippujinrai(single target)/Crescent moon(multiple bosses in one fight) in Monk class with Natural talent, Patk+20%, Barrage/pierce default, and Eye of the wolf (start battle in wolf stance). at Level 99 with level 11 Monk, this passive setup allows even 1.0 multiplier attacks to easily hit for max damage (on literally everything in the story), and shippujinrai not only has priority, but also an incredibly short attack animation. 16 max damage attacks kills every single story boss in the game, bar none, even on normal difficulty, on hp values alone. there's bosses like Diamante who throw a wrench in this of course, but realistically you need a different strat anyway

  2. Have you guys considered farming Buns from Ba'al? For those not in the know, they give permanent stats. realistically, they give you the ability to hit max damage with almost any ability you want in the game. for the record, my Yew is currently sat at 9999 mp (AKA i never need to restore it), 999 atk (of course) with the above setup for physical, and 700+ Magic attack focusing on magic instead (which is what i'm going to test). This took me about 90 minutes.

  3. Assuming buns, Meteor+Rain Spellcraft. 16(4) hits, pretty fast, can probably hit for most bosses' full hp bar per 4 bp. Overkill (and slowish animation) for the first few chapters, but damn fast if you have to attack multiple times with other strats. Can't be reflected(diamante :<). Can also pair with Chainspell i think for double the hits. 2 animations for 159984.

Other potential things: Mass Attack/Quad Wield (159984 in a single BP but requires <20% hp... in a game that relatively frequently heals you). Basic attacks/quad wield - no hp requirement but 39996 per bp. Problem with this is that attack animations take years, and 4 characters spamming shippujinrai is probably WAY faster on animations alone.

TL:DR, farm buns, no mp worries ever, no damage worries ever, focus on # of hits rather than damage per hit.


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Alberta, Canada

The run i did (Which was rather slow, plan on running it again soon one day, ive been busy) Had this set up

Wizard/Diabolism -Cerberus -Good Measure -M.Atk 20% Up Equips focused on maximum amount of M.Atk

Attacks were Any -Ja spell x2 and then Rain

On all four Characters Despite all my studying i forgot Mimic exists so im curious if i could do anything with that. Also there was no buns farmed (yet)

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United States

I'm trying a 3 ghost 1 tank strat. Free MP in a pinch + Full charge + Venquil on Tiz (wizard/time), and Free MP in a pinch + Full charge + Chainspell on Edea and Yew (Yokai + time), wtth magnolia being a tank (guardian + dark arts). You spam meteor rain and kill everyone (except for the one boss en Anchiem). Any thoughts?


What I've tried is:

  • Kaiser/Exorcist with Auto Undo, Undo Trois and Dawn of Odyssey. Basically, it oneshots most early bosses with Blinding Light, and works as a backup healer against Diamante and some other bosses which can deal massive damage party-wide.

  • Guardian/Dark Knight with Soul Boost, Adversity, Dual Wield and Katana Lore: main physical damager. Consists in spamming Rage, then Minus Strike (with more than 15k HP it's max damage), alternating with Soul Cannon every so often (which also deals max damage). Rage works better with a Sloth.

  • Astrologian/Bishop with Spellcraft, Mp 20% up, Limit Breaker and Prolong Support. The healer (Bendiction blast works wonders). This setup is mainly for Diamante, but I don't know what could change on this to make it a viable DPS without booking heals. I'm thinking Diabolism for Astrologian...

  • Yokai/Time Mage with Spellcraft, Time Slip, M. Atk 20% up and Steady MP recover. This one will suffer some changes, because the MP recover isn't that important with 2k MP, for example. This job setup allows for Meteor Blast (which, based on my testing, works better than Meteor Rain) spam with Echo. So it can get really crazy with 8 Echo procs in a row, or do just one, and it deals max damage every time, so do make your calculations.

Anyway, that's how I do it. Everything dies in one turn except bosses after Diamante (and Diamante, but Diamante is a pain anyway, and is the only reason I run exorcist and astrologian). I'll go around trying all that has been said.


My current setup is this:

It is basically a Meteor Rain Group with 3 Mimic Users. It requires no setups during the run, so we actually save a few menus, bc you don't need to equip anything to Yew during Prolouge.

Oregon, USA

Hey, I know this isn't the right forum, but does anyone have a speedrun guide/notes for speedrunning Bravely Second 100% or just to reach the ending? The only thing I could find that is close is the casual speedrun, but it's in Japanese.

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