Any% notes
Any% notes
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I use these notes for my runs, and originally made these for just myself, so excuse the occasional casual/jokey language. These are based off Obdajr and Edge's current PBs.


  • TX = Turn [Number] <-- Note: TX's will not count the turns where you can perform no actions at all. So for example, turns where all four characters Default.
  • BXX = Brave x[Number]. For example, BX3 = brave 3 times.
  • After grinding sessions where you set the encounter rate to maximum, remember to switch it back to nothing when done.

Get the 50 pg from behind the pot in the inn. Get the 100 pg from behind the knight on the right in the throne room.

SHOP: Buy 2 Broadswords and 1 Kenpo Gi. Equip them all to Tiz. Lower the encounter rate to nothing. Leave Caldisla and continue.

Get the 200 pg chest on the Climb room of the ravine. During the first scripted fight, open the battle help menu, then kill the soldier. Max brave kill the rest. Auto. Open the quest menu and mash.

SHOP: Buy 3 Kenpo Gis and equip them to both current party members.

BOSS: Holly and Barras T1: BX4 Holly, BX4 Holly T2: BX4 Barras, BX4 Barrass

ITEM SHOP: Sell all but 1 potion, sell an Ether, sell Tunic and Curiass MAGIC SHOP: Buy Poisona, Cure, and Thunder

Go to Centro Keep after all the cutscenes. Progress through the dungeon. Get the hidden Iron knuckles under the right side 3F lever.

MENU: Switch everyone to Monk. White Magic on everyone. Optimum equipment on Ringabel, unequip weapons from the others. Heal all.

BOSS: Ominas T1: Default All T2: Default All T3: Default All T4: BX4 Attack [Everyone] T5: Auto

MENU: Switch Agnes, Tiz and Edea to Black Mages. Ringabel to White Mage. Ringabel to Black Magic command, Edea to White Magic command.

SHOP: Sell Ether, Buy 8 Rods and equip to everyone.

Blah blah story some guy dies whatever blah blah.

Scripted Lontano Villa fight: T1: BX4 Thunder @ All Enemies [Everyone]

400 pg chest in the little room on the right of 2F. White Cape chest beyond 2F exit stairs.

Second scripted fight: Auto

BOSS: Heinkel T1: Auto

Story stuff. When you get the Eschalot, go to Harena.

Enter Ancheim. Get the hidden Ether next to the magic shop. Buy Poison. Story stuff.

Go to the Temple of Wind. Get the Wind Charm to the left of the entrance. Remedy in path. Turbo Ether downwards on the way. Hidden Peace Ring on the right in 2F, Ether in bottom chest. Mythril Rod next to bird man. Shortcut door lever. Dagger chest. Story stuff. Leave.

Airship to Yulyana region. Story stuff. Hidden Peace Ring in the needleworks.



  • 3 Teleport Stones
  • 4 Mythril Rods
  • 4 Mythril Shields
  • 4 Cat Ear Hoods
  • 4 Mythril Bangles


  • Every weapon but the rods
  • Every ring

In equipment, use Optimum on everyone, and equip the Bangles on everyone. If short on pg, grind outside - 3 encounters should be enough.

Buy Blizzard and Fire. Heal everyone. Hidden ice item near fox.

500 pg chest at beginning of B1. 1000 pg chest in the middle of B2.

First run killer ahead.

BOSS: Dragon T1: Default All T2: Default All T3: Cure All T4: Default All (revive anyone that dies, hope it doesn't happen) T5: Blizzard spam T6: Blizzard spam

Teleport stone to the beginning.

Story stuff, vestal garmet, etc...... progress.

BOSS: Orthros T1: Blizzard spam the fire head. Use Fire two times on the ice head. T2: Fire spam the ice head.

Get the Scimitar and 2000pg chests in the Central area. Get the Earthing Rod and Turbo Ether chests at the bottom part of the North area.

Sleep in the inn in Florem. Do the story stuff. Ether next to the city entrance. Rebuff Locket chest below the bottom room of the temple. Ice Charm at top right.

Florem SHOP: Buy 5 Pheonix Downs, 4 Antidotes, 11 Teleport Stones. Buy Cura, Fira, Thundara, Blizzara.

Star Pendant in the Matriarch's room. Talk to the sidequest girl [For Mephilia, NOT De Rosa] and do the sidequest stuff.

SHOP MENU: Unequip Edea's shield, unequip Tiz's shield. Unequip Agnes' weapon and shield, same for Ringabel.

SELL: All weapons, all shields, every ring but rebuff locket, and turbo ether.

Buy 6 Rod of Fires. Equip them all. Do the Mephilia sidequest stuff.

Scripted Alraunes fight: T1: Edea defaults. Fire @ All Enemies spam on everyone else.

Enter the Florem Gardens. 500 pg chest on the top right. Tomahawk chest on the bottom right of the right path.

MENU: Increase encounter rate to max. Right now, Auto grind 13 encounters. Heal as necessary in-between.

Get the two chests at the middle of the Central room. Equip Damage Dispersion.

BOSS: Mephilia T1: Default All T2: Edea - Cure, Fire. Everyone else: BX1 Fire. T3: Default All. T4: BX4 Fire Edea-Agnes. Ringabel - Cure, Fire x3.

Go back to Florem. MENU: Summoning ability on everyone. Use the Inn.

Story stuff- go to the mountain.

Mount Fragmentum - 1000 pg chest in the west side. 500 pg chest at slope entrance. Ether chest at the bottom.

Boss: Land Turtle

T1: BX4 Girtablulu [Everyone] T2: Auto T3: Auto T4: Auto T5: Auto, or ether if desperate

Story stuff. Enter the mountain and switch Ringabel to the top. Max encounter rate. Encounter. Girtablulu x2. Last three: Girtablulu, Fire all, Fire all. Auto-battle about 12 encounters.

Story stuff. Use the inn.

Twilight Ruins- 500 pg chest on B1 East. Then switch. 1000 pg chest at bottom left. B2, yellow switch. Then blue. Chest. Blue. Chest on B1 west. Then green. Yellow. Courage Ring in bottom hidden path.

Scripted boss: Victor and Victoria T1: Default All T2: Auto T3: Auto T3: Auto

Teleport out of the ruins. MENU: Hermes on Tiz. Bangle on Agnes.

Ether in Water Temple.

BOSS: Rusalka

T1: Ringabel: Bomb Fragment, Girtablulu. Tiz: BX2 Thundara. Agnes: Default. Edea: BX1 Thundara. T2: Agnes: BX2 Thundara. T3: All: BX4 Thundara

1000 pg on second floor of Grandship SHOP: Sell Tomahawk, buy Rod of Ice. Flame Charm at the top floor of tavern.

Story stuff. Elixer near barrels in Hartschild.

Grapp Keep. 2000 pg chest on 2F. Lever. Teleport stone. Glaive in 1F chest, with down stairs. Chests in 3F. Teleport stone after 2F lever.

Mini-boss: Automatons T1: BX4 Girtablulu [Ringabel and Tiz]

Mines. Scripted fight: Thundara + Thunder + Thunder spam. Auto. Rescue the kids. Equip Hermes Sandals on Agnes. Turbo Ether in B2 chest. Equip Angelic Ward on Agnes. Leave mines when done.

Starkfort outsides: Unequip Tiz, Agnes, and Edea's armor. BUY:

  • 5 Teleport Stones
  • 3 Mage Hats
  • 4 Black Robes
  • 3 Amulets.


  • Every weapon you can sell
  • Every armor and ring except for 1 Rebuff
  • Turbo Ether

EQUIPS: Tiz-Agnes-Edea: Optimum, Amulets.

Go to Floor 2F. Ice Brand chest, then use a teleport stone. From there, take the top left, then bottom paths.

BOSS: Qada T1: Default All. T2: Cura most damaged, cure all. T3: Default All. T4: Cure all, cure anyone's poison. Fira + Blizzara spam when Qada is at -1. T5: Ringabel: Girtablulu, Antarctic Winds. T6: Fira+Blizzaga spam

After the main story stuff is done, go back to Eisenberg.

Kunai at the top floor of Goodman house.

SHOPS: Buy Reflect. Sell Ice Brand, Kunai, Dragon Fang. Buy Holy Miter and White Robe. EQUIPS: Ringabel-Agnes: Optimum.

Scripted Black Blades fight: Thundara spam.

Underflow- Progress to the last room. Heal. Max encounter rate, kill 5 encounters, Blizzara x2 + Blizzard. Auto.

MENU: Switch Ringabel to Black Mage. White Magic command. Amulet on Agnes, Hermes Sandals on Ringabel.

BOSS: Chaugmar

T1: Default All T2: Default All T3: Default All T4: Ringabel: Reflect on everyone. Everyone else: BX4 Thundara @ All Allies.

Board the SS Funky Francisca.

BOSS: Captain Barbarossa T1: Auto

Progress through the story. Holy christ this part is boring.

Anyways, engine room. Flip the right switch. Equip Damage Dispersion on everyone. Teleport Stone. Flip the left switch. Stone, enter the core. Get the hidden Megalixer and safety save.

BOSS: Behemoth

T1: Reflect on Ringabel, Thundara T2: Reflect on all, Thundara spam

MENU: Gale Hairpin on Ringabel, Sandals on Agnes. Ringabel: Optimum. Agnes: Rods of Fire.

Now, set max encounter rate. Kill 3 fights - Ringabel defaults, rest Fira spam.

Then, switch Ringabel to Salve-Maker. Black resonance on him. Grind until Ringabel's job is level 5. Amulet on Agnes, Sandals on Ringabel.

Mini-boss: Ice Golem Reflect on all + Fira.

Eternia- Elixer next to hospital entrance. Story. Then use the inn.

SHOP: Buy 7 Pheonix Downs. Sell Reflect Ring. Buy 5 Ethers. Buy 3 Gaia Gear. Optimum on everyone EXCEPT Ringabel. Buy Firaga.

Take the left path. Use Pheonix Downs on the zombie dragon.

Equip M-Attack Up on everyone!

BOSS: Victor and Victoria

T1: Ringabel: Reflect on everyone. Everyone else: Default. T2: BX2 Girtablulu [Everyone] T3: BX4 Girtablulu [Everyone]

MENU: Tiz, Edea, Agnes to Arcanist. Switch their job commands to Ritualism. Black Robe on all of them.

Max encounter rate, 2 fights, Girtablulu spam.

MENU: Tiz, Agnes, Edea to Black Mage. Replace Silence Immunity with Black Magic Amp. Ringabel support ability to White Magic.

Story. Rescue everyone. Bottom right chest. More story. Get the Elixir next to the final elevator, and safety save. Progress.

BOSS: Braev [IMPORTANT NOTE: This fight NEEDS to end on the Reflect+Fira combo!] T1: Poison-Poison-Poison-Default T2: Exterminate-Exterminate-Exterminate T3: Exterminate-Exterminate-Exterminate T4: Poison-Poison-Poison-Default T5: Exterminate-Exterminate-Exterminate T6: Reflect on all, Fira on all allies.

Everlast Tower. Dark Shield in chest at top left of 5F. Temple of Earth- Light Curtain chest.

BOSS: Gigas Lich T1: Auto

Stop! That's it! Switch Edea's command to Spiritmaster, and give Ringabel the Dark Shield. Progress through the story.

BOSS: Alternis T1: Spirit Ward on Edea-Agnes-Tiz. Everyone else, Default. T2: Cure anyone that got damaged. Default. T3: Reflect on everyone, Fira on all allies. T4: Fira on all allies, Edea-Agnes. Tiz, give MP to self.

Progress through the story. Equip Rebuff Locket on Tiz. Take Grandship to the Temple of Water.

BOSS: Rusalka, again

T1: Thundara x4, all allies. Thundara x4, all allies. Ringabel: Widen Area, Light Curtain. Innoculate Remedy on Agnes and Edea. Edea: Thundara x4 all allies

Break the crystal. Go to the Dark Aurora after all the story.

Equip the Amulet on Tiz. Get the Megalixer in 3F. Progress. Activate encounters again, and get Salve Maker to level 10!

BOSS: Airy [Phase 1] T1: Firaga x4 all allies. Poison Elixer x2, Widen Area Light Curtain. Firaga x4 all allies, firaga x4 all allies T2: Firaga on all allies. If Airy uses Slaughter, revive, megalixer, reflect on all, firaga all allies

BOSS: Airy [Phase 2] T1: Reflect on all, firaga all allies.