New Mod, Retiming with more accurate frames, WR Review
6 months ago
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Hi all,

I've recently taken over mod responsibilities for this game. I've always had some concern with the wording of the rules, so I'm adding some clarity, particularly around the start and end frames. This will impact previously submitted times and I will be retiming the board. See notes below.

On 10/12/23, I added that a reset or power cycle is required for runs effective that date.

Milliseconds in Runs: For Hard, milliseconds will only be required for runs under 14 minutes. For Easy, milliseconds will only be required for runs under 3:10. All times will be updated accordingly in this process.

Start Frame: Will be changed from "starts the frame hit "start game"" to "the first frame of fadeout after pressing Start". This is a clear, objective signal that the game has begun.

End Frame: Will be changed from "ends the frame you lose control after destroying final boss" to "the first frame of fadeout after defeating the final boss". This is my biggest concern because if someone stands still, you cannot tell when they lose control. The first frame of fadeout is clear and objective.

This change in End Frame will ultimately impact a considerable number of top runs with milliseconds submitted. It appears to be around 100 milliseconds. However, I think it will set things right and make the timing more objective for me and future mods.

With this said, a recent submission of 2:59 came in, though it was actually a 2:59.9xx, which would be second to the current 2:59 WR. I reviewed both times under my planned frame count criteria. The new time is 3:00.067, and the current WR held by St4nzzz is 3:00.400. An accurate frame count with the old rules likely would've timed it around 3:00.300. The new submitted time was going to be the new WR anyway, but this will provide objective verification.

With all this said, in the coming week, I'll retime all 84 active and obsolete times on the board and make a comment in each applicable submission note mentioning the new rule and revised time with milliseconds, then will update the actual run time if needed.

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Florida, USA

Thanks for making these updates to the rules. It always seemed like there needed to be these types of clear visual frames in how timing should be done.

I actually offered to help with moderation in the past, mainly because of this reason, so I'm glad to see a new mod has come in to organize the leaderboard.

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Game rules have been updated for all general rule notes. Category rules have been updated for category-speciific details. I'm going to update runs from the bottom up for each category, starting with Hard.

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Review of Any% Hard category is complete, including all Active and Obsolete runs.

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Review of Any% Easy category is complete, including nearly all Active and Obsolete runs. There were two runners who's active runs were not able to be located. I've reached out to them.

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I've taken care of one of two of the outstanding runners. The one remaining one is dealing with twitch stuff so once it's republished, I'll re-time it and the board will be pristine. I'm closing this thread as there's nothing else to discuss.

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