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"Jump Canceling - This is when you jump after pushing a block to remove the push animation. Saves a lot of time considering just how many things need to be pushed in this game. You can also control the direction of a jump in this manner, making it easy to set up the next push if you need to change directions. There's also an interesting bug that theoretically could be used, but I think would only be feasible to do consistently in a TAS. If you Jump Cancel on the same frame you push a block, the block will move 2 spaces instead of 1. In addition the direction of the block/ball can be manipulated somehow. I don't know the specifics on how that works though." -Quoted from via SDA-

So whatever you want to call it, Jump cancel as he does, or whatever. I just would love to know if someone can figure out exactly how this works. When/what inputs are stored/buffered etc. And although I at this point still agree that attempting this is probably not worth it, (outside of a TAS run) it still interests me, especially being able to not only get the 'Double Push' on steel balls but being able to make them go a different direction on the second movement, and who knows maybe a third movement is possible? Though I rather doubt it.

Edit: Added a Quick Video

Edit #2: Probably not a big deal, but this animation cancel while less reliable also seems to be doable with weapon use, kind of figured that out by accident while trying various things. Not sure all weapons can only tried sword so far. The jump has far more use/practical utility though anyways.

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