No Shortcut subcategory for Levels category
1 month ago

I've come up with this idea. I suggest a "No Shortcut" subcategory for the Levels category. I think this could open a bigger diversity to this page and give more people the attempt and opportunity to own a WR.

My idea is: if a person doesn't use a single shortcut in their run, it should be in a different leaderboard ("No Shortcut"). However, if a person uses a single one, it will be quickly counted to "Glitchless/Any Glitch/No Traffic" leaderboard.

I understand that creating this subcategory might be hard now due to the amount of runs in this page, especially in the Level category, but I would like to offer myself in helping to move runs that were submitted in "Glitchless" and shortcuts were not used at all (if it happens to be accepted).

Thank you for your attention.

Champagne-Ardenne, France

My 1st issue with this is what do you classify as a shortcut and why. Is it only smash gates ? Are shortcuts with no smash gates allowed ? Are jumps considered shortcuts ? That already feels like a weird thing to just define what a shortcut is. 2nd issue, I'm pretty sure a lot of ILs don't need a shortcut for their optimal route, so we'd have 2 categories for the same thing on those races. And on a lot of them the difference would be so minor that it wouldn't be worth calling it different. My 3rd issue is that considering how many categories there are I'm not sure it's worth creating a category if we're unsure that it's gonna be ran by more than 2 people. My 4th issue is probably subjective but "shortcuts" are a major part of the gameplay and to me it would be like having a separate category for no boost, I personally don't get it.

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I'm sorry for my bad clarification in this forum. For me, shortcuts are the smash gates and/or anything that is outside the main roads. Jumps are only considered shortcut if they are used to cut roads. But I guess it's not a good addition then. I'm sorry.

Washington, D.C., USA

hehehehe. i do love the no boost category idea. LOL


Can we expect something soon then?

Washington, D.C., USA

it might be something that can be implemented on the burnout category extensions speedrun site. i think that site might be better. we'll see.

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Actually, it would be a good addtition to the category extension, but the page needs a lot of fixes. It's a mess, lol. I could try to ask a ticket for a category extension just for this game.

Washington, D.C., USA

you just did. i'm getting ready to do some site remodeling soon.

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United States

I'm a little late on this, but although it isn't necessarily a bad idea, I don't think there's any potential ruleset for the category that could be properly enforced—not one where it's still worth doing, at least. The world's just built around shortcuts too heavily. That, plus everything @Ventilo_ mentioned, means I don't see this happening even as a category extension.

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