New Skip?
3 years ago

So... its happened when i tried speedrun Kino Round 15 solo and i check this strange bug!Check discription in video ok

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Yea this happens if you change spawn zones too quickly after a round has ended. It happened in MagicGlobox's 226 kino game. Very unlucky for it to happen to you.

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Runs with this skip cant be verified?

Sometimes running into many spawn zones as the round transitions causes the round to skip. Unfortunately no, the community made it against the rules back when it was discovered by MagicGlobox in his 226 game. The only reason globox's game was on the leaderboards for high rounds on after it had happened was because it was a 70+ hour game and he tried to make up for the time saved from the round skip by holding a zombie for 40+ minutes. I say "was on the leaderboard" because the record was beaten again by him, this time a 236. If possible i would recommend you to avoid it by letting the round counter turn completely red before going into a different room, but in the case of a speed run i wouldn't worry too much about this glitch as you probably wont run into it again for a while. It very rarely happens. I was actually surprised when i saw your clip because i used to play kino a lot and have never had it happen to me. No worries though, you can still get R15 speed run. I believe in you.

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