Why the category changes?
5 years ago

I honestly don't know why the scores are now done by time, if anything that should be a miscellaneous category. Nobody runs this game to see how fast they can reach the max score when it's already super hard to get 300 in the first place. Was thinking of coming back to try and get 300 in game 1 but theres absolutely no reason whatsoever to do that now. Please reconsider changing the categories back, its ruined right now..


Trying to keep the game from being removed at some point in time in the future due to site being for speedrunning and not point keeping or high scoring. Ergo, needed an actual speedrun category; so I just went with what most bowling games do on this site; time it takes to get a certain number of points.

I took the categories out of Misc; didn't think anyone would care? I mean, the same high score board still exists exactly how it was. I don't see how the inclusion of another category suddenly ruins the others...