So the game is loading the last save that was done. With the possibility to save manually you can restart at the excact position where you saved. That means if you die you start with three hearts again and with that you could ignore the cold and run till you have half an heart and then save. With this you can skip searching and cooking chillys and other stuff. Sadly it isn't working for climbing and swimming so far. It skipped the flying session of naydir the dragon after destroying one of the eyes by save and die. Maybe it works for other bosses to. I hope this helps :3

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Great find 🙂 Someone could also make a video about the different uses of this.


As far as I know saving and loading also resets all enemy positions. I was being thwomped by Guardians at Central Tower and I saved and reloaded and got it no problem cause none of the Guardians were around.

Edit: I also just used this to de-aggro wizrobes and lizalfos near Ridgeland tower. Also got onto it with the paraglider lol.

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I used this on the Lynel "grab 20 shock arrows" side quest; saving just as I was about to die and re-loading. When you reload, you are in the same spot, but the Lynel is back at spawn point.


Yep, this is what I did to get the warm doublet after my peppers ran out 😛