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Hey guys, like the most I'm playing botw in the german version.

Trying to compare my run to the current any%wr, I noticed that my cutscenes are still a little bit longer.
It's like there's a bigger gap or latency between single brackets or conversation units of a cutscene.

For example...when he hits "Neues Spiel"(new game) it takes his version a whole second less to show the "Nintendo" typo and it looks like all the other cutscenes drag a bit, too.

Did anybody here experience the same issue?


Are you playing on switch? That has longer load times which probably don't affect this but it's slower.

Are you playing on Wii U disc as opposed to download? Download is faster for the same reason.

We might need a video to know what you're talking about if it's not the above.

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Oh wait I know. Before starting a new game, go to Shrine of Resurrection and kill yourself. That makes it load a new game faster. This probably is the fix for the new game -> Nintendo being slower, but idk the rest.

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I forgot to mention that it's the Wii U Version.

Seeing it know I even recall reading that somewhere just to forget it again.
Thanks a lot mate, you took a great struggle from my shoulders.

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No problem. Glad I could help.


Sadly I still experience longer loading times f.e. on top of the first tower, before the 2nd lore-skip the black screen stays for 12 seconds instead of sweet rapid 5 seconds.
Maybe it is the Wii after all.

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I heard that the bigger storage had faster load times too like the black colored wiis did when they came out. Not sure if that makes a difference either. Also I heard that if it's digital running off of a USB that it was slower than it being on the hard drive? Not sure if that's a thing or not cause I have mine on a USB stick since my hard drive is full plus takes way too long to switch everything over


I've got a 32gb black one.

I guess I'll just have to spectate it a bit and buy a new one in the end.


Do you kill yourself in the Shrine of Resurrection before starting a run? That saves about a second loading from New Game.