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From what I read, German has the fastest voice acting in the game but what has the fastest text? You could change text to French or whatever has the fastest text then change the voice acting to the fastest voice acting language. What language has the fastest text and voice acting?


I am not totally sure on this, but I think German is better for longer categories, and then I know that French is fastest for any%. I would say just look at the world records and see what language they’re using.


Actually, what run uses German because I could not find one.


The fastest language is actually different from category to category, and sometimes even route to route.
French is fastest for any% when you change your region is europe
If you have any more questions check out the discord where you can more easily get answers to questions you may have on a specific category.


That is true. I am pretty sure that German is fastest for AMQ (all main quests)


Actually, what do you mean by change your region to Europe?


I think its in system settings on your switch, it changes your HOLE switch into that regions language


Yes, in the system settings where you change the language, underneath that should be the region.
That option should be on Europe, which changes the french from Canada to traditional
And traditional french is fastest for any%