You're too late, the real meme category is rock%.

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@Tigame - Agreed. That's probably a better way to define it. All Main Quests would encompass everything I indicated:

• Destroy Ganon
• Great Plateau Quests
• The Hero's Sword
• Free the Divine Beasts
• Locked Mementos
• Find the Fairy Fountain

Only thing that would really have been excluded (unless I've missed something, I'm admittedly still playing through my first casual run) is Find the Fairy Fountain.


As far as 100% goes, it would be a heck of a run. My thoughts are that it would be:
- All Shrines
- All Divine Beasts
- All Korok Seeds
- All Memories
- All Quests (if that's even possible, might be difficult to quantify since it'll likely be quite some time before all quests are discovered), could be limited to all main quests
- All Towers
- All Fairy Fountains
- All Rune Upgrades
- Complete Hyrule Compendium on the Sheikah Slate (might take longer than All Quests would...)

Enemies in the overworld all respawn with the Blood Moons, so "All Field Bosses (Hinox/Lynel/others)" would be impossible, as they reset with the Blood Moon.
Alternatively, it could be limited to just the items present on the loading screens (Spirit Orbs, Korok Seeds, Divine Beasts, Shrine Count), for ease of checking completion, and to make the run practical, even if it wouldn't be a "true" 100%.
On the other hand, if the game gives a % Completion score upon beating Calamity Ganon, that could be used for the definition (whatever it takes to get that to 100%).

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All Field Bosses could work tho it could just be that as long as you defeated them. Doesn't matter if it resets as long as they were beaten.

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So there's any percent/all dungeons, but there ¤could¤ be a few more:
Speed Runs, this game is so expansive, runs will be dependant on time... All runs must beat Ganon!
1. 100% Run- ... Ha. All DB's, sidequests, etc. ¤Not idea for racing, what 900 seeds? HA!
2. 3DB Run- First 3 DB's
3. 2DB Run- First 2 DB's
4. 1DB Run- First DB
5. Instant Run- As soon as you are done with great plateau, go fight ganon...


Weird wording here.

For now those categories are fix

All dungeons
All Main Quests (includes all dungeons, Master Sword, memories, etc)
100% (definition is still in the works, probably 100% on map + X)

and several misc categories:
All Shrines (doesn't finish ganon, just gets the reward for all 120 shrines beaten)
Master Sword RTA (doesn't finish ganon, just gets the MS)
Dungeon RTA (from start to 1 specific dungeon finished)

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I'm looking forward to the All Main quests / True Ending. Should be fun.

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Perhaps I missed something by why would you not finish Ganon at the end of an All Shrines run?


quand on ouvre la carte, il y a le % en bas a gauche. donc c'est avec ça qu'on vois si on fait le 100%


All shrines has its own reward that you grab after finishing the final shrine which is a perfect closer. So why should we do ganon afterwards? Feels arbitrary.

For the French guy:

The counter only covers certain aspects that are shown on the map, but not quests etc. So the counter is not enough for 100%


What about instead of all shrines there could be categories for each region containing shrines. For example Great Plateau Shrines Any%, Central Hyrule Region Shrines Any%? This could even be in the ILs along with the dungeons. In Gears of War we do acts as ILs instead of the chapters. Maybe it could be a similar thing because all shrines is just not feasible.


Would anyone be interested in a Master sword% category?

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I'm still playing my first round, so I don't know all the details of what the game has in it or has to offer, but maybe a Legendary Hero%. It'd be like Any% except you have to get the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, and anything else that is a traditional item the the hero of legend would have (once again, I don't know if there are more items as I haven't beat the game yet, sorry).


Yeah, a Legendary hero category could be really fun.What you would need to do is:
-Get the matser sword
-Get the green tunique (so clear all the shrines)
-Get the hylien shield
-Beat Ganon with the green tunique and the hylien shield equip
And maybe allow the usage of the Smash Link Amiibo for Epona because you aren't the true Link without Epona.


Still on my first playthrough of this game, but it already looks like an amazing speedgame I would want to run at some point! Here are my two cents on categories.

First of all, I'm pretty sure we are supposed to be discussing what the main categories for BotW should be. I see a lot of people talking about meme categories and categories that "might be fun to run". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this thread is for what the MAIN categories should be.

Anyways, here's what I think the main categories should be:

Any% - Beat the game as fast as possible.
All Dungeons - Tame the four Divine Beasts and beat the game.
All Main Quests - Complete all main quests in the game and beat the game.

Also, can we have a dropdown for the language the game is run on?

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The Legendary Hero category suggestion sounds like something I wanted to route and run that a guy on /r/speedrun called Beast Dungeons, Shrines, Memories, obviously shortened to BDSM for the memes. Seems like a category that gets pretty much everything out of the game that isn't insanely grindy, though all shrines feels like quite a grind on its own.

My partner suggests dog% as a meme category where you make friends with every dog.


Possible Bonus category could be Eventide Island? Could be fun.


@Gymfreak739 no it just says new categories so pretty much means main misc or even meme runs or even fun runs. The kind of run doesn't matter. Anyway i still do stand on the fact there should be master sword run.