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Are there any specific rules for whether the switch has to be docked or undocked when running? All the runs I've seen thus far seem to have it docked but as we all know, the game seems to run better in undocked mode. So does it matter?


I don't think you can. The dock sends no output when the switch is undocked, so unless you can fit a capture card into the screen then it won't work.


I actually attempted that, since I have no other way of recording. My phone didn't have enough storage.

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I'm trying with an hd camera right now! Can't connect it with OBS sadly 🙁


Time to get started on a 3rd party usb-c capture card.
3DS all over again.

Start the bidding at $500 USD. Mail me your switch and I will mail it back with the capture card installed.


Since the game just skips frames instead of actual lagging you won't lose time in docked mode besides the fact that loading times are potentially longer undocked cause of powersaving CPU mode.

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What if you use a USB-C to HDMI cable?


Attempts at using a USB-C to HDMI cable haven't yielded any fruitful results thus far. Plus you need to supply power to the unit at the same time. The power part actually works, but not with the unit also providing A/V through the HDMI cable.