An italian youtuber named Gravier recently started speedrunning a category caled Shao yo%, in this category your aim is to get to the shrine of shao yo, form the start of a new game, and finish it. there are already some runs taken of 4 people even if only 2 hve video recording and their timer starts at the "new game" button press and not whn link moves for the first time. is it possible to ad the run category ot it's more player footage neded?


could you send the video of the speedrun?


I don't know the shrine names in Italian, but there isn't a shrine called Shao Yo as far as I'm aware

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I don't think there is a shrine call shao yo, is there?


yea ok, i was wondering if they meant shae loya


the thing is u can technically have a category for every shrine from the beginning but it would be a ton of untouched ones

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There the video and the band as change in english version from italian


Any other new categories?

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There are usually a couple of category ideas in the extensions forums up in the air