"'ignorant mods'? Boy howdy, this place went to shit as soon as all the stream monsters moved in and tried to take over. Tell you what, go do a speedrun of literally anything and then I'll tell you how to run your game and actually this metaphor is falling apart because I literally couldn't care less than I do at this moment about your hot take on speedrunning.
You're here because you watched AGDQ and felt like a big kid getting to post your opinions here on reddit underneath the accomplishments of actual members of the community. Remember that the thirty seconds you spent formulating your opinion and the idle time you spend browsing twitch is not an equivalent investment into this community and does not give you equal stake as the people who spend their time actually learning/routing/researching/running/optimizing these speedruns." - a great man 2017

tl;dr just stop

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@Timmiluvs the rules for 99% of sports competitions aren't made by the players

You're employing the genetic fallacy



If you're going with the competitive sports analogy, then the rules for those sports are made by committees, commissioners, and other people that tend to be knowledgeable in the sport or tend to have/had a large amount of involvement in that sport.

The NFL, NBA, whatever aren't going up to random fans at games and looking to them for rule changes. They also don't care if you, a fan, want a rule changed because your opinion means nothing because you're so far removed from anything that remotely has to do with the rules. Players and coaches get a bigger say in rule changes because, you know, they are affected by the rules.

Any random viewer of a speedrun is allowed to have an opinion on the rules, but unless you are a runner of the game or a long time, respected member of the community, then that opinion means zero because it doesn't impact you in any way. Similar to what Jamacanbacn posted, a majority of the people complaining in this thread either have no runs submitted for any game, or have never been involved in the Zelda speedrunning community in any way. Therefore, their opinion on the rules means absolutely nothing and won't impact the rules for this game in any way.

Most people here complaining are just random people who are looking for something to shit on. Can't wait for all of you to just go away and/or grow tired of this (or just stick to reddit and spare the forums from your idiotic complaining).


Another use of the genetic fallacy.

You can not disregard arguments because of who they came from. That is a logical fallacy. You disregard arguments based on the arguments themselves.

Btw the nba has twice now used a Twitter poll to aid their decision of changing rules


The NBA, and most other sports organization for that matter, run solely on viewership. It's what makes them professional and distinguishes them from street games. No viewers means no payout. Speedrunning on the other hand, there is no payout, it's people playing games. If the viewers didn't exist, there would still be speedrunners but there would be no NBA if the fans didn't exist.

The overarching difference is that, yes, the community is allowed to disregard your opinion on this matter (that was set aside as a non issue weeks ago) simply based on the fact that you are irrelevant to the game. You won't make a difference by calling out some kid in a street hockey game by telling him he's off side and you won't make a difference calling out someone using amiibo for following the rules set by the community

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Just one input. Speedrunning, while competitive in nature, isn't all about competing with each other for a top time just so someone can get the feeling of being the fastest at a game. NO. The point is to push to game to its limits. Use every mechanic of the game to its advantage, which in this case includes Amiibo. So if y'all don't want to push the game to its lowest potential time: separate categories. Just know that if your not using Amiibos and submitting to the other category your merely getting a sense of being better because your not in the "fast heat". Thank you

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I agree, as someone who is running the game, even though I don't have any submitted runs, I feel like my opinion should count as much as someone who has 100 submitted runs. If you look at any major speed running communities there is always someone who runs but also has a community of runners and non-runners helping them do routes etc. Also, currently all categories have No Amiibo being used in each WR run. So I think that shows they shouldn't be separated.


My point still stands. Arguments must be disregarded based on themselves rather than the person

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If every decision was based on something a random person said in a forum or comment section, then I would have also been VAC banned from Doom 2016 for beating the game in a non linear fashion.

Once again Alumni please view this gif:


Wrong, the reasoning was bad so you shouldn't have been banned.


Exactly he was stupid and had no influence on the games speedrun. Why should we listen to him or any random person? ( I wasn't actually banned this was a guy in youtube comments)

Keep in mind I do not have a run submitted either so I am not saying they have to listen to me.
However you can't expect the mods to want to listen to your opinion just because you have one.

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We have two surveys going on right for runners and for the public on Twitter and will evaluate these carefully tomorrow.


1 month on what was the findings? and why is DLC and Amiibos still allowed to exist along side runs that use the vanilla game client ?


Because any% literally means beat the game as fast as possible, and amiibo's are a legimitate part of the game. Think of it like the tingle tuner, to be competitive for wr you have to spend some money and time, or think of it like getting GC TP instead of Wii to be competitive for any% TP. It's fine to not use amiibo, and there's an option when you submit a run to specify that, but it can't be discredited just because it doesn't come with the vanilla game.


Yeah and you can use Nfc tags hacked even if it's illegal and in the futur we will be able to use a gameshark in speedrun.


Think of NFC tags more as third party amiibo. It's like the hori pad for n64, not official but the end result is the same


Yes but if you allow NFC tags hacked, it's the same thing that you encourage people to hack amiibo and hacking is illegal.