My issue is how it might effect a new runner. If I'm a new runner just trying to get into speed running and I have 3-5 games on my list; I go and look into these runs, I'm probably going to choose a different game. So why would I bother doing some casual runs of a game knowing I'll have to pay for physical dlc later (because that's what it is) to get better, or I could run a game that just requires the base game/separates dlc. Sometimes it's not about, "but this is faster and that's all there should be to it."

-Just saw the filter option and that works for me.

Also, there really should be a detailed guide/resources on how to get read/write nfc tags how much memory your tag needs, etc. Do switch/wii u nfc tags work the same using the same memory? Links to reliable seller, video guide would be nice, yes I could google how to but it would be more helpful if that information was
<--------------- on the side bar over there. Would be nicer if Nintendo let me buy this stuff digitally through their eshop. :-P


Since Amiibos are copyright material we can't really officially post stuff for that over to the left.
The tags you need are NTAG215 540 bytes, guides are all over the internet.
The app to write the data is called TagMo.

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Ahhhh, I see. That's too bad. Which amiibos would I need? I shouldn't have to ask, it should be on the left.


instead of complaining about how a game that's been out for less then a week doesn't have a full set of guides for you to use you could do the bare minimum research and find this thread

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Sorry if it came off as complaining, was just trying to make a suggestion. With the past games I've run I would just watch runs and learn the tricks using the games database/guides then do runs without asking any questions from other runners of that game. I asked on the discord the other day and no one pointed me in the right direction. I usually try to stay away from threads/forums until after I've done a run, with BotW I feel the need to ask, because I want to try out amiibos casually and unrecorded practice runs. Thanks for the link.

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remove amiibo from the run i dont want my speedgame to become a pay to win Kappa


So just to sum up: the general consensus seems to be that while it might not be ideal in terms of category accessibility, any% should definitely include amiibos based on previous precedent with the Tingle Tuner, the chinese console of OoT, and other similar hardware requirements to running the game.

For anyone who disagrees, just remember that for any% at least, Epona only saves 10-12 seconds. Yeah that's a significant amount of time, but we're still in the phase of running the game where both amiibo and non-amiibo runs are competitive with each other. On top of that, it's possible to clone amiibos with NFC tags and there are guides elsewhere on the internet for that process. Ultimately don't feel like you absolutely have to have the amiibos unless you're dead set on getting the WR, and even then you're better off practicing to shave your own times down before picking them up instead of buying everything up front and realizing you just hate/lose interest in running the game.

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Idunno, the feeling I get from reading this thread is that way more people are against amiibos. Not sure how you can call that a consensus for allowing amiibos

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I think for Any% it is more of an issue than say All Main Quests, as saving 10-15 seconds is more of an issue with a 45~ minute run in comparison to 5 hours.

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In this thread, there are more people against Amiibos because, right now, the Amiibos are allowed. So the people that are pro-amiibos don't actually talk as much. It would be all the way around if the Amiibos were unallowed. It's just how things work. People disagreeing on something will always speak louder anyway.

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Amiibos should fall under TAS. Toy Assisted Spedruns.

That was bad, but I'm not sorry about that.

Seriously though, I think they should be allowed for any %. Maybe there can he separate categories for "All Dungeons/main quests" but any % should be what it is, no restrictions aside from hardware modification and manipulation.


For the category "all dungeons" you can save 1m20 - 1m30 if you use amiibos and you don't have the horse RNG so it's significative! So We need two differents categories: with amiibo and without amiibo.


People keep commenting on this about how much time save it makes in each category (myself included) but are these estimates or have people ran each category with and without to see how much it does save? I previously commented saying I thought it should be disallowed for Any% purely due to the percentage of the actual run it saves. Like 20 seconds can mean a lot in a 40~ minute run, but like 100 seconds in a 5~ hour run is a lot less of a difference, and a lot of the RNG that is involved in the longer runs I think would discount any advantage from using Amiibo. I think we just need more data before we make a decision. I am currently running All Main Quests, and because of that I think you need Epona, without it you could lose time you need for other aspects of RNG to make it to an average run.


None. Wolf Link is not useful and actually won't enter Hyrule Castle with you.


Looks like mods are overruling consensus. Realistically we can just work out another forum for BotW given the resistance here.



Looks like mods are overruling consensus

when the consensus is by people who don't run the game/aren't involved in the community (which the majority of the people complaining in this thread don't/aren't), yes, that's how it usually works.

Edit: editing so idiots can't say stupid shit like "2/4 mods don't run the game either"


when the consensus is by people who don't run the game (which the majority of the people complaining in this thread don't), yes, that's how it usually works.

Not having submitted times =/= Not running the game.

Unless you're implying 2/4 mods aren't running this game.

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What the fuck is the point of keeping this thread alive, go home kiddies, it's done.

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