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Let's face it: Amiibo DEFINITELY need to be on a completely separate page for Any%. The use of Amiibo is far too advantageous to reasonably compare it to non-Amiibo runs. Compounding this, the access of certain amiibo to the general public is fairly limited, and doesn't really create an even playing field for Any%. Gotta at least separate them into different pages under Any%, or make it a different category.

I'd go on to say this should be made true for all categories
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From looking up what they do it definitely needs to at least be a sub category.
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I'd say just have one category called any%, which like any%, is any means necessary to beat the game. Then there should be a No amiibo any% category in my opinion. I know horse only saves a few minutes, but it only seems right to split them apart.
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  quo there is literally no shortage.
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IF Amiibo runs would get separated, then Amiibo and No Amiibo should definitely be made subcategories for Any% and maybe also for other categories. And maybe we could actually separate them early on and let people submit runs and then decide if we put both categories together again later. I myself would be good with both separating and not separating them.
I definitely agree with sub categories, seems the best plan of action
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@pentaleks All those except some of the Zelda ones only give you pretty much useless items. But yeah, that is something to consider when thinking about separating categories.
I've already brought this up in the previous thread.

Is it really a legit concern we need amiibo for Ebona, when 1) infinite sprinting 2) horse are nearby grab that if you need it.

with those two things alone there is no need for amiibo so just make it a separate category.
@msmbpods But just being able to instantly have a max-stats horse appear anywhere is definitely much faster that just grabbing a random horse. And sprinting isn't on par with Epona-level speed.
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Lol isn't that the point?

Not asking to ban amiibo people do as they please. Just a separate category would do not a filter. If casual come in and look at top times there only going to care about the 1-3 spot regardless its amiibo or not. Due to the inheritance of amiibos will be faster those runners will always be at the top. Sure you could filter, but would a casual end user know do this, i think they wouldn't. But at least separating out the category would give recognition to those deserved. Cause at the end of the day its about those sweet internet points of being number 1 on the leaderboard.
The amiibo necessary for Epona isn't that expensive. Buying the Wii U version to run the game when you have the Switch version already because of loading times is. I don't see why we're griping about one amiibo here. If it turns out that we could beat the final boss with only the amiibo weapons that you can get (in which case you'd need several to be relevant), then yes it would be an issue, but I don't see that being a problem for a while.
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Does anyone know if the TP wolf link amiibo has any advantage? Since it can fight for you, would this make a run any easier?
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But there's also the fact that some can give you some epic weapons or the best ones at the start. With that all you would need to do is get them and go to Ganon.
Amiibos make runs less interesting. Also once the runs get optimized it could require using amiibos up to 8 different ones to save seconds off your time. Who knows it could even save more no one has tested it yet. But it's RNG besides Epona.

Makes runs RNG, you have to spend money on multiple amiibos possibly, and it makes the runs less interesting overall taking out routing for weapons, horse, food?, etc. It adds doesn't make runs more interesting like Tingle Tuner and just makes them worse.
The any% category (i.e. beat the game, no restrictions) shouldn't be defined by how interesting or uninteresting it is to watch/play or by how random it is
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You also don't want 2 separate categories if the runs are almost the exact same. And plenty of speedrun games have any% not being actual any% because they don't want a certain glitch or other thing that ruins the run.
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@quo You are saying it's completely alright if someone wants to own 1000 amiibos to make a faster run. Or let's say 10000, 100000, 1 million amiibos!

See? Where's the limit? Not reasonable.
@Jordian I never said I wanted 2 separate categories. any% is fine as it is, whether or not people want to use amiibos is up to them. Also: no Zelda game has a classified any% category when there's a faster way to beat the game. any% is any%. (exceptions being zelda 1 and 2, which use NG+, and LADX, which "any% ACE" is emulator only while "any%" is the fastest legitimate category)

@pentaleks I will commend the person who will spend $20k on amiibos
Imo, ambio rules should be the same as TP. I dunno why the rules would differentiate between the two.

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