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Hi, im new, havent completed a run yet 🙂 , and was wondering if someone could make a route and or epxlain how the runners fly with the circle bomb. Either wouldnbe greatly appreciated.


If you mean unrestricted master sword, I'd recommend this tutorial ( ) for the plateau section and this tutorial for getting the master sword early ( ).

afaik, there isn't a video tutorial for the restricted sub-category so it is best to watch a couple of runs first to familiarise yourself with various routes (since some runners collect different shrines over others). There is this route doc going over one runner's route ( and then there's an image showing potential variations of the route you could use (

As for windbombs, use this tutorial series (

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Thank you, I was talking about the unrestricted, it looks like a very fun run, ill be watching these asap

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Hey MarioAtWork. that video you sent doesn't work its just giving me a playback ID


Thank you