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Today, I plan on starting a new category of Breath of the Wild speedrun called Eventide Island. I've done a few tests of this run in the past and I've gotten around 20 minutes but today I want to official start speedrunning Eventide to the best of my ability.

If this is every considered for an actual categories then the rules would be as follow

1) You have to do this directly from the GP, which means you can only have 1 extra heart or 1 extra part of your stamina wheel. Or you can just not upgrade and keep at 3 hearts and 1 full stamina wheel (your choice)

2) You can't drop any items on the island prior to starting the challenge.

3) The run starts the instant you gain control of Link and the run ends the instant you get the shrine orb.

4) You can Windbomb and you can Whistle sprint those are fair game.

If you are interested in seeing my attempts then check me out on twitch when I stream it at 2pm Est infiniteaurax

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Gee, I wonder if this category already exists...


He/she means from the start of the game.
Also you need a few runs from different players to make it a official category.
Maybe put this in the CE forum


@kingkscoolkingkscool no they don’t. Read their message.


It says, “You have to do this directly from the GP” GP stands for Great Plateau. And it says that you could only get one heart container or one stamina vessel, which means getting them would mean beating all 4 shrines in the Great Plateau to get 4 orbs.


Well they also said that they got around 20 minute which is impossible if GP is included in the run. Anyways the category is pointless and an Eventide IL already exists.

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This sounds more like a challenge run than a speedrun, cause ok the goal is doing it as fast as possible, but not picking up weapons and shields makes it just harder.


Listen, in short, this is stupid. Case closed.


So it would just be a longer run of the eventide run. It would add in some interesting routing as the any% eventide uses a speed elixer and bombs. If this were to start from a new game you would need to gather food on eventide to sustain link throughout the various windbombs as even if you had the 4 hearts that wouldn't be enough to get you through the run. It would probably end up in the any% gp route, blss from tot or gp tower to the rocks beside eventide that have the chest on them that don't take away your items. You can windbomb from them to the boko camp with the orb and follow the any% route from there gathering food in between the start of the quest and 1st orb or between 1st and 2nd orb. Short, interesting catagory though!

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P.S i say gp any% route as all catagories except for ils pretty much start from a new game and to start from the tot having already prepared items and stuff then it would just be a blss added onto the eventide il


oh no they bumped a thread now the list of extremely important posts will be disrupted

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