100% - Original, No Amiibo, No Limit in 27h 26m 37s by SpecsNStats - 1st place

Mode: Normal Mode

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Name Duration Finished at
Plateau Tower 6m 13s 045ms 6m 13s
1. Magnesis 4m 13s 362ms 10m 26s
3. Cryonis 6m 18s 524ms 16m 44s
3. Stasis 3m 08s 857ms 19m 53s
3. Bombs 2m 54s 833ms 22m 48s
Paraglider 2m 12s 625ms 25m 01s
10. Wahgo Katta 10m 40s 110ms 35m 41s
Dueling Peaks Tower 9m 27s 464ms 45m 08s
22. Shee Vaneer 6m 30s 986ms 51m 39s
24. Shee Venath 2m 08s 049ms 53m 47s
25. Ree Dahee 2m 51s 235ms 56m 39s
25. Toto Sah 4m 44s 513ms 1h 01m 23s
27. Ha Dahamar 8m 16s 068ms 1h 09m 39s
35. Daka Tuss 14m 15s 874ms 1h 23m 55s
42. Qukah Nata 29m 17s 996ms 1h 53m 13s
50. Kam Urog 16m 34s 177ms 2h 09m 47s
Hateno Tower 8m 33s 309ms 2h 18m 21s
62. Myahm Agana 7m 35s 891ms 2h 25m 56s
66. Tahno O'ah 11m 32s 164ms 2h 37m 29s
68. Taloh Na'eg 14m 55s 286ms 2h 52m 24s
71. Lakna Rokee 7m 11s 612ms 2h 59m 35s
71. Chaas Qeta 4m 54s 871ms 3h 04m 30s
73. Hila Rao 6m 46s 255ms 3h 11m 17s
75. Kaya Wan 4m 34s 403ms 3h 15m 51s
89. Katah Ckuki 19m 48s 548ms 3h 35m 40s
94. Noya Neha 5m 55s 068ms 3h 41m 35s
103. Monya Toma 12m 15s 247ms 3h 53m 50s
104. Maag No'rah 2m 46s 449ms 3h 56m 36s
Ridgeland Tower - -
110. Toh Yahsa 12m 48s 424ms 4h 09m 25s
117. Shae Loya 8m 38s 061ms 4h 18m 03s
119. Akh Va'quot 13m 08s 600ms 4h 31m 11s
120. Sha Warvo 5m 52s 654ms 4h 37m 04s
SNAP WIND 9m 51s 244ms 4h 46m 55s
129. Zalta Wa 8m 55s 590ms 4h 55m 51s
133. Sheem Dagoze 6m 00s 524ms 5h 01m 51s
139. Mijah Rokee 10m 44s 983ms 5h 12m 36s
152. Mogg Latan 11m 10s 975ms 5h 23m 47s
176. Daqo Chisay 23m 00s 462ms 5h 46m 48s
SNAP KOGHA 20m 08s 060ms 6h 06m 56s
182. Sho Dantu 4m 32s 539ms 6h 11m 28s
185. Kuh Takkar 9m 01s 966ms 6h 20m 30s
198. Keeha Yoog 23m 03s 975ms 6h 43m 34s
Gerudo Tower 16m 47s 307ms 7h 00m 22s
215. Sasa Kai 3m 53s 009ms 7h 04m 15s
SNAP THUNDER 13m 32s 568ms 7h 17m 47s
231. Raqa Zunzo 39m 33s 650ms 7h 57m 21s
222. Misae Suma 4m 28s 042ms 8h 01m 49s
232. Hawa Koth 2m 04s 784ms 8h 03m 54s
232. Tho Kayu 1m 18s 705ms 8h 05m 12s
232. Kema Zoos 1m 17s 433ms 8h 06m 30s
Wasteland Tower 1m 40s 368ms 8h 08m 10s
237. Korsh O'hu 6m 22s 236ms 8h 14m 33s
229. Kay Noh 5m 08s 179ms 8h 19m 41s
241. Dako Tah 6m 13s 060ms 8h 25m 54s
251. Dila Maag 10m 44s 719ms 8h 36m 38s
267. Sheh Rata 29m 59s 019ms 9h 06m 37s
Lanayru Tower 2m 37s 369ms 9h 09m 15s
267. Soh Kofi 2m 17s 370ms 9h 11m 32s
270. Ne'ez Yohma 12m 18s 479ms 9h 23m 51s
SNAP WATER 12m 06s 840ms 9h 35m 58s
265. Dah Hesho 9m 00s 377ms 9h 44m 58s
285. Katosa Aug 14m 06s 190ms 9h 59m 04s
291. Tu Ka'loh 9m 30s 949ms 10h 08m 35s
303. Dagah Keek 30m 04s 347ms 10h 38m 39s
314. Kenai Shakah 18m 10s 040ms 10h 56m 49s
319. Kah Mael 5m 08s 895ms 11h 01m 58s
324. Ritaag Zumo 5m 21s 203ms 11h 07m 20s
326. Mo'a Keet 5m 16s 478ms 11h 12m 36s
327. Tah Mulh 3m 20s 622ms 11h 15m 57s
334. Qua Raym 7m 46s 309ms 11h 23m 43s
Eldin Tower 1m 44s 720ms 11h 25m 28s
344. Shae Mo'sah 17m 17s 027ms 11h 42m 45s
346. Shora Hah 7m 07s 052ms 11h 49m 52s
350. Daka Koh 7m 02s 867ms 11h 56m 55s
SNAP FIRE 15m 27s 802ms 12h 12m 22s
350. Kayra Mah 12m 29s 866ms 12h 24m 52s
350. Sah Dahaj 10m 36s 709ms 12h 35m 29s
379. Bosh Kala 14m 51s 712ms 12h 50m 21s
386. Bareeda Naag 26m 01s 480ms 13h 16m 22s
396. Voo Lota 4m 34s 596ms 13h 20m 57s
407. Rin Oyaa 15m 29s 330ms 13h 36m 26s
Hebra Tower 4m 47s 042ms 13h 41m 13s
413. Gee Harah 4m 11s 841ms 13h 45m 25s
421. Shada Naw 12m 49s 249ms 13h 58m 14s
423. Goma Asaagh 5m 07s 875ms 14h 03m 22s
428. Rok Uwog 6m 51s 197ms 14h 10m 13s
436. Hia Miu 11m 40s 591ms 14h 21m 54s
441. To Quomo 8m 53s 117ms 14h 30m 47s
453. Mozo Shenno 17m 08s 980ms 14h 47m 56s
458. Maka Rah 5m 57s 802ms 14h 53m 54s
471. Lanno Kooh 11m 58s 109ms 15h 05m 52s
477. Dunba Taag - -
Tabantha Tower - -
491. Tena Ko'sah 28m 15s 300ms 15h 34m 07s
494. Kah Okeo 4m 24s 930ms 15h 38m 32s
513. Mirro Shaz 35m 36s 631ms 16h 14m 09s
Woodland Tower 6m 18s 372ms 16h 20m 27s
516. Keo Ruug 13m 53s 258ms 16h 34m 20s
516. Maag Halan 2m 39s 504ms 16h 37m 00s
516. Kuhn Sidajj 4m 21s 307ms 16h 41m 21s
516. Daag Chokah 8m 12s 798ms 16h 49m 34s
526. Namika Ozz 11m 40s 358ms 17h 01m 14s
555. Saas Ko'sah 34m 52s 851ms 17h 36m 07s
SNAP Ganon 15m 56s 463ms 17h 52m 04s
574. Sha Gehma 14m 34s 057ms 18h 06m 38s
577. Qaza Tokki 4m 32s 208ms 18h 11m 10s
582. Ketoh Wawai 8m 36s 470ms 18h 19m 46s
593. Gorae Torr 15m 53s 866ms 18h 35m 40s
594. Zuna Kai 3m 18s 457ms 18h 38m 59s
606. Tutsuwa Nima 20m 05s 402ms 18h 59m 04s
612. Ze Kasho 8m 33s 467ms 19h 07m 38s
Akkala Tower 3m 44s 407ms 19h 11m 22s
636. Kaam Yatak 18m 05s 115ms 19h 29m 27s
Central Tower 2m 32s 354ms 19h 32m 00s
661. Rota Ooh 21m 46s 614ms 19h 53m 46s
666. Dah Kaso 4m 51s 245ms 19h 58m 37s
673. Jee Noh 9m 33s 612ms 20h 08m 11s
674. Joloo Nah 7m 44s 908ms 20h 15m 56s
678. Shai Utoh 9m 03s 940ms 20h 25m 00s
681. Shoda Sah 6m 29s 381ms 20h 31m 29s
697. Tawa Jinn 24m 45s 830ms 20h 56m 15s
703. Yah Rin 19m 00s 781ms 21h 15m 16s
716. Muwo Jeem 22m 20s 926ms 21h 37m 37s
718. Korgu Chideh 10m 37s 191ms 21h 48m 14s
723. Kah Yah 10m 35s 396ms 21h 58m 49s
725. Jitan Sa'mi 9m 38s 207ms 22h 08m 28s
738. Dow Na'eh 16m 59s 498ms 22h 25m 27s
Faron Tower 19m 11s 442ms 22h 44m 38s
765. Shoga Tatone 25m 50s 828ms 23h 10m 29s
778. Suma Sahma 16m 41s 346ms 23h 27m 11s
779. Ishto Soh 2m 43s 976ms 23h 29m 55s
788. Ka'o Makagh - -
794. Ya Naga 27m 56s 570ms 23h 57m 51s
Lake Tower 10m 36s 086ms 24h 08m 27s
812. Pumaag Nitae 8m 26s 573ms 24h 16m 54s
827. Shae Katha 10m 46s 440ms 24h 27m 40s
856. Mezza Lo 36m 51s 510ms 25h 04m 32s
863. Rucco Maag 6m 43s 788ms 25h 11m 16s
872. Shai Yota 10m 45s 719ms 25h 22m 01s
889. Kema Kossasa 45m 37s 613ms 26h 07m 39s
899. Rona Katcha 13m 32s 297ms 26h 21m 11s
99.99% 58m 58s 554ms 27h 20m 10s
Dead Pig 2 6m 26s 925ms 27h 26m 37s
For the Meme 12m 14s 644ms 27h 38m 51s