BLSS Glitch
Louisiana, USA

I just discovered something new, not the glitch but something with the glitch. If you target a person and hold a direction that isn’t neutral on the left stick and hold b, you will start going backwards in the direction you were going after untargeting.


Can you make a video demonstration of it?

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I wonder if link can do this during any of the cutscenes with the King, to travel in the cutscene.


Firstly, it's impossible to setup blss before/during any cutscenes since we are instantly stripped of control of Link the second we step out of the shrines and for the glider cutscene, Link needs to be touching the floor to activate the cutscene. There's also the point that the bomb Link is carrying is despawned during that cutscene and he is also taken out of the smuggling state.

I tried to Blss into the intro cutscene. The trigger for the cutscene requires link is on the ground it seems. If you were to come from the platform above, link takes fall damage, cancelling the floating, resuming the cutscene per normal.