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If you want a Low% for The legend of zelda: breath of the wild comment under this thread or make a video Becous to request This i need 3 speedruners that made a video

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i am also going to run it myself


This is never going to happen.
1. Because it's stupid and time consuming
2. It'd be hard to use the lowest amount of items
3. There'd be practically no runs (look at TP for example)
4. It's very inconsistent.
Overall it's a bad idea. It's countless resetting for a single successful run. The community isn't going to add this.


The did this in older zelda games and i think a lot of speedrunners would like to try this


And plus, do we really want to put the mods through the work of watching someone throw bombs at Blights and Ganon for 2+ Hours? Just saying


I think this run would be a good idea if we have some defined parameters as to what completion of a game is. I think that the best way to determine game completion is to look at all things that can only be done a set number of times. For example, you can only complete a shrine once, so that counts as completion. You can kill the same bokoblin as many times as you want if you are willing to wait for blood moons to revive them, so it does not count as completion. If we used this system, then getting the lowest completion possible could be a very fun run, and it wouldn't require throwing bombs at the Blights and Ganon for hours. One thing that makes this run more interesting is that once you collect a type of arrow, it will show up in your inventory until you start a new save. this means that for a low% run you can't collect arrows. You also can't open most chests because you can only open them once. I think this could make for a great run.

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Imma do a run

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I’ve been trying to do this run, but beating the game without dying or saving is really hard XD


So in order to get this run on the boards you would need (correct me if i'm wrong here) 5 runners to complete the run all following the exact same defined ruleset. So lets just put that aside for the moment and think about what counts towards the completion of the game so we know what we need to limit. For this we can look at the 100% speedrun as what counts towards that 100% is all done in that run. Now that includes things like shrines, bosses and most importantly, map completion. Thats not just getting a tower but local place names that show up on the map when you zoom in only show up when you have visited them at least once before so you would need to route it to avoid as many of the local places as possible as they count towards that 100% killing enemies also fills up that hidden exp counter that upgrades ememies over time so killing as little enemies as possible would need to be routed if you were to include that counter in your low% rules. I could go on for hours about all the things that need to be taken into consideration but long story short, it would take a long time to route and get the necessary people to run. But i agree that it is an interesting idea and maybe should be explored further!


Also i think for what should count for % should just be whatever counts towards the completion percentage in the bottom left of the map screen


So i forgot about it for a while and came back to the idea of low% its basically point crow's bombs only run (linked below) without any prep essentially and careful walk to hyrule castle routing to avoid map completion. i reckon it'd take a few hours for the boss fights during which time, you can't be hit at all bar at most 1 of the weaker attacks from one of the blights. That as far as i can see would be the truest way to do a low%. i really like the idea though and may run it when i have time off to prep and run this kind of thing.

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I’d love to see this it’s like any% but way harder like Relics of the past hard.

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I mean i do have a week off in a few weeks i supposed i could spend the time doing this if people are interested. I'll draw up an official ruleset this weekend with the help of any top runners/ respected community members that i can get a hold of so that there will be no confusion about things and so that we can get 5 runs abiding by the same ruleset.

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