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And me (1:31)

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100 Koroks
- Runs must start from New Game.
- Timing starts when gaining control of Link.
- Timing ends when the "Yahaha!" dialog appears of the 100th korok seed collected (when the confirmation arrow is shown on the dialogue box).
- You must obtain 100 koroks from their original source.
- You may (if desired) redeem your seeds for inventory slots with Hestu. The seed count on the final seed would then be minus the redeemed seeds.

Run #1: @CobChampCobChamp 1:27:07

Run #2: @jamesvanboxteljamesvanboxtel 1:42:19

Run #3: @NewbornAndSaltedNewbornAndSalted 1:46:32

Run #4: @unkyraunkyra (Bug Limit) 2:12:46

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That looks like a really fun category!


It really is a fun category. You get to see a lot of the map you might not see and some interesting locations and koroks.

There is a ton of routing potential too and its great practice for wind bombs.


Again: we aren’t supposed to discuss categories here (no offense)

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It should be under "Korok Collection".

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I’m sorry I’m putting this here as it would probably be deleted, but I had an idea for a category just popped into my head and I couldn’t find any runs. Category in question is map% where you 100% the map. Same timing/rules as any%, but after you beat Ganon, the % counter on the map must be 100. This differentiates itself from 100% because you don’t get the quests.

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That's 100%. Quests count towards the % (sorry for putting this here)


Please only post submissions here; again this is not the spot to discuss potential categories. If you want to suggest one make a thread

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10 Koroks! (This would be a category under korok collection)
-Timing starts when gaining control of link on a new game file
-Timing Ends when the 10th korok seed textbox pops up on screen (The yahaha in English)
-You must collect 10 korok seeds from 10 different koroks

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Added, next time please add the runners' SRC username.


Die% Bog (sub category to die%)

- Timing starts when gaining control of link
- Timing ends by dying to mud
- If killed by anything else the run is invalid





Bread%: see link for runs and details

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Talus% I tried getting the sledgehammer from stasus but it is like a minute slower


@BattlebubbaBattlebubba Please re-read the submition rules, you need 3 runs by different people in order to submit.

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Shrine Collection

The goal of each category of shrine collection is to complete every shrine in a given tower region. Here are 3 runs of Lanaryu, still working on getting more runs for other regions.
Timing starts when gaining control of link and ends when pressing a on the last shrine



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- Runs must start from New Game.
- Timing starts when gaining control of Link.
- Timing ends when the last arrow makes contact with Dark Beast Ganon (first frame of the explosion animation)
- You must obtain the Master Sword, Champion's Tunic, Hylian Shield and Hylian Trousers before defeating Ganon

Can be done with restricted or unrestricted rules for Master Sword obtainment.

Master Sword Restricted Rules:
- Master Sword must be obtained in Korok Forest from its original source.
- You must complete "The Hero's Sword" main quest.
- Any and all vessel upgrades have an added source requirement. This means that said upgrades must originate from spirit orbs collected from shrines during the run, or from the heart containers within divine beasts.

Run #1: @CobChampCobChamp 2:25:42

Run #2: @Cee_Bee_Eff_O_oCee_Bee_Eff_O_o 2:39:56

Run #3: @jeccles0307jeccles0307 3:20:43

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Become Monke %
Objective of the run:
Eat a banana while crouching during the monkey sound effects that play in the Faron jungle

- Runs must start from New Game.
- Timing starts when gaining control of Link.
- Timing ends the first frame the eaten banana disappears from links inventory (If the player has multiple bananas, the number will drop by 1 in the bottom left of the banana icon in the menu)
- Link must pause the game to eat the banana during one of the several monkey sound effects that play in the Faron Jungle.
- Link must be crouching while eating the banana



Butter Dog Dog Wit Da Butter On Him%
Objective of the run:
Place Goat Butter next to a Dog

- Runs must start from New Game.
- Timing starts when gaining control of Link.
- Timing ends the first frame the "Take" prompt for Goat Butter appears after dropping it in front of or on the dog.
- Link must pause the game to drop the Goat Butter in front of or on the dog.

@MikeyMikey 18:37.733

@WhaleTrailWhaleTrail 28:09.466

@ZinparsZinpars 22:38.366

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5 minutes ago
Rules: You must mount and tame (if possible) every single one of the mountable creatures in the game.

The creatures are as follows:
Lord of the Mountain
Giant Horse
Royal Horse
Any Normal Horse
Any Bear
Buck (Male Deer)
Doe (Female Deer)
Any Lynel (Simply mounting is okay since not tamable)

Timing begins on gaining control of Link
Timing ends on final mount/tame

@joedunjoedun run:

@ApplefreezerApplefreezer run:

@Nifty_CentNifty_Cent run:

@TheRealNomanTheRealNoman has done a run, will update when posted.

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