Would love to see more people trying to run this!

Rules are the same as Great Plateau Any%.
A camera showing your face is required to prove that it was indeed done blindfolded


There also is this:


This too - alongside some obsoleted runs for Any% and Plateau


might try to do one if I find a working camera


I learnt the run some months ago and i was getting pretty consistant, is there any hope to see it becoming a real category someday ?


it all depends on if there is any interest in it. there is also the issue of people having to show their face to show to the world which some people may be uncomfy with.

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I think we should allow two separate categories in blindfolded runs. There can be verified and unverified runs. Verified for people who show their faces, and unverified for people who don't but do act like they are blindfolded. It would definitely create a balance in the leaderboards and would allow people who don't want to show their faces a place on the leaderboards. There could be definitely be a chance of cheaters due to these rules but it should be fairly obvious the person is blindfolded so it could be fair. I don't know if the mods would like this ruleset but I think this could be up for debate.

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