I think it would be cool if there were runs that tried to achieve a glitch (in this case a BLSS) as fast as possible. The run would end the frame that the glitched state is achieved (in this case, the moment you start floating in the glitched state). Let me know what you guys think. You could do this with a BTB or shield clip or even memory storage.


This would be too short:

You just have to go to the temple of time, pick up the bow next to the pots and pick up one of the pots. It's pretty much the same as BTB% which would be much harder but just as pointless and short

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What about a longer glitch like memory storage?


Still extremely arbitrary

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the moderators are trying to limit the amount of pointless categories to avoid cluttering of the leaderboard. this idea doesnt really achieve anything notable within the game, but something like all towers or all dog treasures does.

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Come back with a better idea lol

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