Future Proof the Categories
2 years ago
Texas, USA

With 1.2 on the horizon I had an idea for these boards if anyone wanted to do the work to organize them.

You could have the main categories as simply Any%, All Ducks, Popless, etc - and then create a subcategory for the version - 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc.

Now you'd only have about 4-5 tabs in total - and then all the versions underneath.

Just a random thought.

Kentucky, USA

You know, that's a really good random thought. I'd been meaning to do that anyway.


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v1.2 is live!

You can pick up the new version, which changes things a bit, at

Now you can climb waterfalls, and there's some really nifty adds like a ghost so you can race against your past run.

New category has been added because the latest version is slower--the screen t

2 years ago
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