Reporting - Breaking Rules/Cheating (POST HERE)
5 years ago
Texas, USA

Please post any runs that have broken the rules, miss-timed, are in the wrong category, or are cheating here. For a quicker response join the discord!! S6uaexC

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Texas, USA

Let's not argue semantics and just continue with our lives. If you have runs to report let em fly. Otherwise let's drop it.

Texas, USA

I'm sick and tired of this website and the nitpicking you people do. If you have any further problems contact full-mods because I'm not answering any of this drama anymore. It'll never end. Your end goal isn't a better game it's just for me to end up deleting this entire series. There's multiple discrepencies in CoD zombies I've never denied that and never will. The moderators of SRC are doing our best, but we're not here to waste our lives indulging in drama like children. Any further comments besides reported runs will be deleted.

I've deleted multiple comments not pertaining to the site and those that are insulting to the mods/false accusations. Comments will be deleted after the run is fixed.

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these people have no other things to do in life then to sit all day looking for beef and making this community toxic smh, if you see any cheated runs report them to the moderators and move on.

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Topeka, KS, USA

This run uses power vacuum. Isn’t that supposed to be banned???


this run is invalid because its using power vacuum and pack a punch related gums.


All of Prawly's soe runs have been confirmed as cheated, after that he deleted his youtube channel

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Michigan, USA

I belive that vistek has his runs in the wrong category and i do not think that he should be allowed to verify his own runs

Bo3 zombies. shadows of evil. 1p. round 5

Has the same run in all 3 category

all gums. classic. no gums

At the liest his run should only be in no gums because he doesn't use any and the version that he is playing on is older then dirt

Someone please verify his runs not vistek himself

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Île-de-France, France

Kino Der Toten Solo Speedrun Song Name player : Zander_ This guy use a gubblegum at 0:47, but bubblegum are not allowed !

New South Wales, Australia Video skips at 4:05, 5:45, and 11:35 that brings the total time down

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Germany This Speedrun has two Cuts at 2:36 and 5:05, at both skips the Points changed, indicating that at least some Kills happened offscreen. The achieved Time can't be correct

South Carolina, USA

the autosplit on this says 12:41, but the time posted is 12:35:720

South Carolina, USA

you can see this guy pausing the timer mid run lmao

South Carolina, USA

this guy completely cuts out the part where he grabs speedcola at 10:49