So Racingmonster just submitted a run of a custom game starting at round 10 for a PaP run. Pretty much an instant WR.

Before I verify (because he's right, there aren't any rules against this), should we ban custom games or at least ban rules that aren't there for the original mode? That is, you can't start at certain rounds to instantly PaP.

My opinion is that this is the same exact thing as cheating except that you don't explicitly put in a cheat code. I think it's essentially the same thing. If others believe otherwise, we can allow it. I'd like to get a consensus from others before we make a decision one way or another.

If I don't get any responses in a few days, I'll go ahead and accept the run and we'll allow custom games because, if nothing else, I don't want to be a nazi mod.


It's ridiculous, look, imagine a round 30 speedrun when the player start at round 20, there is no interest because a speedrun should contain the set up, and how the player manage to get that run, not in starting at a certain round and just Pack A Punch instantly. This is my opinion. Thanks to respect that.


What makes Tranzit different from any other map? And what makes custom games for any map PaP different from high rounds?


So judging by the (couple of) responses, Sennet and I agree that they should be banned while Racinmonster says they should allowed minimally. Since it's essentially 2 to 1 on this, I'll go and make the rule change tomorrow that custom games are not allowed. This will be effective unless someone else chimes in or someone here changes their minds. I am almost assuredly not going to change my stance.

Even still, I wouldn't go deleting any copies of your runs because, hey, it could change. But 36 second runs where you just start and run to PaP make for completely meaningless categories in a game where there are already a lot.