Mob of the Dead Question
7 months ago
Florida, USA

How do you glitch open the spawn door from the beginning of the game? Is this possible on console?

United States

it uses a bug as the ghost where you can purchase doors before touching the ground. spamming the buy button when spawning in the location closest to the buy is enough to open the first door, but not sure if it is possible on console or not

United States

as the game is loading in, hold X (on controller) and hold backwards on your left stick :) I do play on pc though. and ofc you need the spawn right in front of the door to do it correctly

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these are all kind of right but they dont go in depth. you need to use 90 FPS SPECIFICALLY. anything higher or lower will result in FAILURE there are roughly 4 spawn locations that allow you to buy the door. simply walk backwards and press interact on the door within a reasonable amount of time when you spawn in.