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Sup its Dani here and I wanted to suggest and fun misc category it could be called Low%

basically long story short get up to round 20 without buying guns, box.
Allowed: gavanuk, all lethals, perks and the starting gun.
Also just to make it more fun PAP should not be allowed because when you PAP i think you get are "unlocking" something so lets make it not do but idk leave your thoughts below there could be a misc for town, tram, buri etc and just round 20 nothing more or less or maybe even 15 have your say



Hey Dani. Not the worst idea I've heard but it sounds awfully...arbitrary? Sure there are plenty of arbitrary categories in many games but why are things like perks allowed or the galvaknuckles but you can't buy a gun off the wall? It seems more contrived than anything else. I can maybe see something like no "magic buys". Basically, no mystery box, no PaP, nothing you'd get along with an EE like staffs.

If the category was built to be a bit more centralized that would probably fit a bit better. But hey, I don't run the game anymore so who am I to say? lol


Yeah that does make sense what you said but there has to be something we could do for maps that don't have pap categories like I would so run it I hate running a 30 round run not as fun anyways maybe no anything but the box? Not even perks and try and get 100 kills or something who knows and u should come run this again its beast try and beat my records ahah! 🙂


Also could you guys add easter egg catergorty to nuketown. Theres an easter egg on that map and it gets actuvated at round 27 (richtofen takes control and there blue eyes, there yellow all the way up that point) thanks would run it if it gets added! 🙂