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Their leaderboard for speedruns is generally more optimized for main categories such as EEs over there. People keep claiming their runs to be WRs as they have no knowledge of the other leaderboard existing. even has direct support for external leaderboard sites in the sidebar.

I don't attribute this to malice, but I do find it confusing.

Why isn't it linked? 🙂


I know there are other leaderboards, but many runner don't know.
In fact, records that claim to be WR are very often old WR records.
Moderators will need to manage the leaderboard by reviewing and submitting each video/record that has not been submitted 🙂

Also, I'm very happy if there are more new runners 🙂


This is a link for moderators and those who don't know.

Avoid the direct link itself.
Using a direct link has the advantage of keeping your records in one place in EES, but separating the links allows you to "get the Call of Duty game, be interested, and run! "can be obtained. That is, direct links do not increase the number of new runners.
Although time consuming and labor intensive, we recommend moderator control and SRC coexisting with EES. Moderators act proactively and become active by tracking their records, increasing the number of new runners.