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A few things I would like to say/question:

1 - I just wanted to point out that Bus Depot and Farm have no PaP Machine, so there's no need for that category.

2 - Also, when I select Tranzit - Solo it still shows the EE categories even tho it's impossible to do those with less than 2 players, wouldn't be better if it didn't show that at all?

3- On a similar note, when I select Tranzit - Solo, the EE categories doesn't have a "(empty)" marker even tho they have no runs, that's due to the fact that there is runs for those categories with more than a single player, is there a way around that? I mean, is a little annoying to select Buried - Solo, see the Round 30 category without a (empty) marker just to click it and found it to be empty.

4 - Also, why Tranzit is the only map that has separate categories for Maxis and Richtofen? Lack of demand perhaps?

5 - BTW, there's a typo on Maxis's EE category on Tranzit, it appears as "Enging" instead of "Ending".

6 - Would be fun to see a category in which the player had to complete all three Richtofen EEs or all three Maxis EEs in a row in order to activate the final ending in Buried, but I guess that until someone does that, there's no reason for a new category.

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Hey Kakori,

1) My bad there. I remembered there being one in town and thought it'd be with the others but I made them in a rush.

2) It's impossible to do with the current capabilities

3) Not really an issue with the boards but really with the site

4) Pretty much lack of demands. There was a request for that separation but none of the others. If there is, I'll gladly separate them otherwise.

5) Fixed, thanks.

6) I agree it'd be good but there's not many runs for them as there are so adding extra at this point seems pretty superfluous. If you do have a run, I'll add it in.

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